What Products to Use When Exploring Your Butt Solo For The First Time

What Products to Use When Exploring Your Butt Solo For The First Time

If you’re a frequent reader of the Excitement blog, you probably already know our feelings on the magic of butts. We’ve talked about it in The Beginner’s Guide to Butt Stuff, A Guide to Pegging, Prostate Play and throughout various other articles. It’s a completely normal, natural, and enjoyable place to experience pleasure. 

But a lot of the conversation around butt stuff involves anal sex with a partner. But this isn’t the only way to experience anal pleasure, and to be honest - it’s usually best practice to start by yourself anyway.

While the idea is simple, there are a few products that can aid in this sexy solo adventure, and some products that enhance the experience overall.

Keep reading to see what products you should try if you’re exploring your butt solo for the first time.

Lube - the most important!

Hands down the most important product to have is a good lube. For any kind of anal penetration you want something thick. Toy Love by Wicked is water based (so it’s compatible with condoms and toys) but it’s more of a gel consistency giving it a nice thick feel that will stay. Sassy by Sliquid is on the thicker side, but less of a gel consistency.

Using a good lube on your butt can make the experience so much easier and more enjoyable. Don’t skip out!

Anal relaxers - no numbing, please!

Some people reach for numbing creams to use in preparation for anal sex because their afraid of the pain. If you’re playing solo you might reach for these too to decrease discomfort. But numbing agents can cause more discomfort later, because you’re pushing your body too far. Try a relaxant instead. This one will ease your muscles a bit, without numbing the area. That way you can still feel all the good stuff too, and you’ll be more able to read your body’s pain cues and slow down.

Trainers - if you want to work your way up.

If part of your goal with playing solo is to prepare for bigger penetration, a training kit might be the best option for you. These kits typically come with three different butt plugs in graduating sizes. Start with the smallest one and gradually work your way up! Pair with other types of stimulation to relax your muscles and enhance the experience.

Beaded plugs - to ride the waves.

A personal favorite of mine is the use of beaded plugs. If you just want to test the waters and explore without committing to anything too big. Or if “big” is just not in your cards but you still wanna play - a beaded plug makes a great addition to your solo masturbation practices. You can slowly work in each bead to your comfort and then “ride the bumps” when you take it out. It’s a great way to experiment and play with new sensations!

Snug Plug - for extra comfort.

This vibrating butt plug from B-Vibe is an awesome first time plug. It’s small, with a nice motor and a skinny neck. The neck gives you extra comfort while you have it in, and the small plug part is a good size for a lot of people to start with. The vibration adds extra fun, and it can relax your muscles even more! 

Curved dildo - for prostate stimulation.

If you’re someone with a prostate, a curved dildo might be the most pleasurable choice! The curve allows for the perfect prostate stimulation, the smooth silicone offers easy insertion, and it has a suction cup to help use during solo adventures. It can also be used in a strap on, and the flared base of the suction cup makes it perfectly safe for anal penetration. Just don’t forget lube and toy cleaner!

Our mostly sex negative culture can give us a lot of negative messaging surrounding the perfectly natural experience of exploring our butts sexually. But we’re here to bust that notion and give you permission to explore your sexuality in whatever way is affirming and pleasurable to you. So stop in and get all the fun toys you need to take with you on this adventure!

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