4 Toys to Try If You're Newly Single

4 Toys to Try If You're Newly Single

Sex toys are helpful for so many different sexual experiences. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re single, in a relationship, casually dating multiple people, or any other combination of sexuality. They enhance any of these experiences, and they can’t replace people. However, sometimes people who have just recently left a relationship look to sex toys for a way to reclaim their sexuality as their own and embark on a new self love journey.

They’re great for this too!

So if you’re newly single and looking for a new toy to show yourself some love and meet your own needs as a badass independent person - keep reading for 5 toys to try out!


If you are someone who prefers dual stimulation - that is, vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time - the WeVibe Nova is one of my favorites to recommend. The design of this toy makes dual stimulation effortless and consistent. Other toys fall short in this department by having a more linear design that doesn’t allow for consistent clitoral stimulation. 

Try out the Nova if you want all the stimulation - not just in one place or the other!


If you’re a newly single oral-sex lover, this toy is definitely the one for you. It simulates sucking licking and it even vibrates! You can use it with or without the pump, depending on your mood and the “tongue” is textured giving you extra sensation. It’s really something you need to experience in person, so give it a try if you want oral sex during your newfound self love era!


If you’re a newly single person with a penis - check out Tenga for some sophisticated and sleek options for stroking toys. Whether you just want to spice it up a few times with a disposable stroker or invest in something longer term like the FLIP - you’re sure to find something that will amp up your single sexual experiences!


No matter your anatomy, anal beads are always a fun way to add sensation to other masturbation techniques. Ride the waves of the beads as you stimulate other areas of your body to ignite more senses and enhance your typical experience. You deserve to experiment and play during this period of treating yourself and showing yourself all the love.

There’s absolutely no shame in getting it on with yourself no matter how you identify with a relationship. In fact - it’s definitely recommended to do so. But newly single people can often find it especially empowering and fun to move into a more independent place sexually after leaving a previous relationship. 

Excitement is here to help. We have so many different fun options to try - stop in to any of our locations for some guidance and I’m sure you’ll leave with something you love! 

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