Which Sex Toy is Right for Me?

Which Sex Toy is Right for Me?

Excitement’s inventory and the sheer amount of space in our store is often overwhelming for first time customers. So often we hear, “I could spend hours in here!” 

This is intentional, as we pride ourselves on being inclusive and carrying something for virtually everyone. The sex toy industry is constantly evolving, and with so many different ways to get down and dirty, there’s a toy to assist in almost any flavor of sex and intimacy. 

So how do you know which toy is the best tool for the job at hand?

With so many different styles, power-levels and positions to use them in - how are you supposed to know which sex toy is right for you? There are different tools for different jobs, and your preferences (while sometimes difficult to pinpoint) are important to consider in your sexy shopping decisions.

Here, I’ll breakdown the wide variety of sex toys available on the market and in our stores, based on your anatomy and/or use. Feel free to scroll the headlines to one that applies to you, or check them all out because really, you can never have too big of a collection. 

Solo Sex for Vulva Owners

For simplicity's sake, we can boil the toys designed for vulva owners down to vibrators, dildos, air pulsation toys, and suction toys. Within these categories there’s a plethora of variety in style, power, materials, shapes, and sizes. We recommend any toy be made from body safe materials such as silicone, glass, or ABS plastic - but the rest is dependent on how you want to use the toy you’re buying.

If you like the sensation of powerful vibration, you might try a wand. If you’re a little more sensitive you could try an air pulsation toy that stimulates the clitoris indirectly. If you want internal stimulation you would love a dildo or a curved internal vibrator designed for the G-spot. 

Vulva toys come in a really large variety, and if you want my general recommendation it’s this - one of each!

Solo Sex for Penis Owners

Toys designed for penises will usually function in one (or more) of these three ways: stroke, suck, or squeeze. They might do one, both or all of these things - and again, there’s a large variety in style, size, power, and material. 

Fleshlights are the OG, and you’ll love one if you want a realistic penetration feeling. They’re made from Cyberskin, and include a hard plastic case on the outside that gives you control over stroking and suction. There are also cheaper options that are similar such as regular sleeves (or pocket pussies) without the hard case.

Other “masturbators” will vibrate, some will electronically suck and others provide pin-point stimulation to the frenulum which is the most sensitive part of the penis. 

Other options such as pumps or cockrings work to assist in bloodflow, giving the penis better erectile ability!


Since everyone has a butt, this category will apply to everybody who enjoys anal stimulation, no matter your anatomy! You can mostly boil butt toys down to plugs, vibrators, and beads - and there will still be variation among them. 

You’ll enjoy a plug if you want the feeling of being full or if you enjoy having something your PC muscles can grab onto. Beads are where it’s at if you like the feeling of “riding” the bumps as you put them in/pull them out. If you have a prostate, consider a butt toy that’s curved to access that area. 

NOTE: Don’t put anything in your butt that isn’t flared, and lube is not an option for butt play - it’s a necessity!

Partnered Sex 

While any toy can theoretically be used with a partner, some have partnered sex specifically in mind. For example: strap ons, remote controllable toys, and wearable toys are the categories in this section.

Strap ons are great for any kind of partnered penetration (ex: pegging), and wearable toys such as vibrating cockrings or U-shaped vibrators are ideal for penis-in-vagina sex. Remote controllable toys add a whole extra layer of fun by giving your partner full control of the toy you're using - locally or via bluetooth from anywhere in the world!

There are probably a hundred different ways to utilize toys during partnered sex - you just have to get creative enough!

Honorable mentions

Some honorable mentions that don’t quite fit in the above categories are enhancement pills, arousal oils and creams, and warming or cooling lubes! These not-quite-toy-related items are amazing ways to spice things up or try something new if you’re not ready to commit to a new toy. 

Grab one of these if you want to try out a new sensation during any kind of sexy time.

If you’ve read this far, can you believe Excitement carries all of these items AND MORE?! Yes, that’s right. Beyond this breakdown, we have a kink section, gag gifts, lingerie and more. It’s a true “one stop shop” for all your sex related products - and we’re happy and proud to serve our community. 

Stop in to any of our locations to learn more about these items, and go home with an exciting and fun new toy.

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