3 Things to Know Before Visiting an Adult Store For the First Time

3 Things to Know Before Visiting an Adult Store For the First Time

There are so many benefits to shopping in-store vs online for sex toys. First and foremost - at Excitement we have demos for some of the toys we carry which means you get to hold, see, and hear the toy before you buy it. Secondly, you don’t have to pay for shipping and you can take it home right away! You also get to support small local businesses by going into the brick and mortar location in your area.

However, visiting an adult store for the first time can be intimidating and scary. Sex is still very much taboo in our larger culture, and just talking about sex or masturbation can feel icky for a lot of people—let alone walking into a store that is nothing but sex! 

You might feel a little embarrassed, or you might just not know what to expect. If any of this sounds familiar and you’re thinking about stopping in, keep reading for 3 things to know before you visit your local adult store for the first time.

1. You will learn a lot - if you’re curious!


Adult stores are havens of information and positive sex education—especially at Excitement. We pride ourselves on maintaining a sex positive and educational environment, keeping the goal of guiding and supporting our customers at the forefront.

It’s likely that first-time visitors will encounter a lot of things they haven’t seen or heard of before. We're often told that the size of the store and the vast selection we carry can be overwhelming. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS. If you find the topic of sex interesting, you’ll find so much joy in the experience of learning some new things. You might even find out about a fun new thing to try out yourself!


2. Know Your Pleasure Patterns

When shopping for sex products, it’s helpful to have a good level of awareness around your pleasure preferences. Knowing your body not only helps you in the long run, but it makes for a more streamlined experience while shopping for new toys.

For example, do you enjoy impact play (whips, crops, floggers, etc)? Do you prefer external, internal or a blend of both for solo play? Does your body prefer a soft, squishy material or something more solid?

You don’t have to know the exact specifics. Sometimes it’s impossible to know if you’ll like something until you try it. And we love the adventurous types! BUT - having an idea of your general preferences can help you (and us) narrow down your many options and find something that you're more likely to enjoy. 


3. Don’t Stress

We totally understand that talking about sex with strangers at a local store can be intimidating, and feel a little weird. I invite you to keep in mind that adult store employees spend all day talking to strangers about sex. It’s a completely normal aspect of our everyday lives! Not only is it just neutral and normal - but it’s also our pride and joy. Really! We love this part of our job so much.

We are used to this and we’ll never make you feel embarrassed, judged or uncomfortable for mustering up the courage to ask us for help. 

So leave the “am I normal?” worries at the door, because I can almost guarantee you’re not the first one to ask about your sexual preference. We keep an open, free, and completely non-judgemental space and we won’t ever yuck your yum!

Visiting an adult store for the first time is an awesome, fun, and enlightening experience no matter what you go in looking for. Stop in to any of Excitement’s locations today and see for yourself!

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