Toys to Explore More Than Just Your Genitals

by Jacee Niblett -

When most people think of sex toys, they think of various ways to stimulate their genitals. And yes, to be honest that is what most sex toys are designed to do. From clitoral stimulation toys, to g-spot stimulators, to strokers - there are a lot of toys to use on your genitals, no matter the kind of “parts”.

But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my favorite part about using sex toys is the ability to get creative and explore our whole body with them. Sex toys aren’t products that come with strict instructions (unless it’s to avoid using a toy without a flared base for anal penetration). We can use them to explore freely and find new ways to experience sexual and sensual pleasure.

So if you want some ideas, keep reading for some of my favorite versatile toys and how you can use them for more than just your genitals!

Mimic Plus

One of my favorite ways to explore the whole body with sex toys is with small, handheld vibrators. Vibration is a sensation that is enjoyed in multiple different erogenous zones beyond just the genitals. Some people also like it on the nipples, the neck, the testicles, or even along the lower back. The Mimic is extra efficient for whole body exploration because of its easy to hold shape. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and is super easy to maneuver. It also offers a lighter vibration sensation which gives you more of a power range to work with, allowing you to use it comfortably on more sensitive areas of the body. I love this toy for its seemingly endless possibilities!

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Le Wand Petite

If you want to explore the body with the sensation of vibration, but prefer something that has a bit more power - the Le Wand Petite is the perfect toy for you. It packs the same power as traditional wands, but in a much more compact size and shape, giving you a wider range of possibilities. Easily add this toy to various erogenous zones solo or during partnered sex. While some bodies prefer a lighter sensation, others enjoy a deeper and more powerful sensation on areas like the nipples, breasts, or testicles. This toy also makes a great sensual massager, so try it that way too!

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Odax Sensation Wheel

While perhaps a bit less versatile, the Odax Sensation Wheel by Master Series is a fabulous way to explore erogenous zones outside of the genitals - plus it gives us the opportunity to experiment with new sensations. This little spiky wheel rolls over the skin and can provide a tickling sensation over the whole body. Add blindfolds or restraints and you have a fun, sensation packed experience!

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Ready to start exploring and experimenting? Stop into any of our locations or check out our extensive online inventory for any of these toys and more! The key is to get creative, so check out some options and try to think of all the different ways you can use your picks. Stay safe and have fun!

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