Keep Warm This Winter With These Toys

by Jacee Niblett -

Now that the cold weather is upon us here in Central PA - are you ready to get cozy for the next few months?

While this time of year can be draining and a little depressing, I do love how easy it is to prioritize comfy sensuality. We’re all spending a little more time in bed, whether we’re alone or with a partner. It’s all about the fuzzy blankets, low lighting, and cuddles!

I think it’s important to prioritize sensuality during this time of year, and if this is the first year you’re doing that - grabbing some helpful tools can enhance the experience so much.

So check out some of these products to aid in your sexy cozy winter vibe this year!

Warming Lube

Using lube just makes everything better. I’m a huge proponent of adding lube to pretty much any kind of sexual exploration - but in the cold months, adding a lube that actually warms things up is next level. It can add something a little special without overcomplicating your experience. Sizzle by Sliquid is one of my faves! It’s a water based lubricant that warms up with friction. It’s also pH balanced, non-staining, unflavored and unscented. If you’re sensitive to certain ingredients, this is probably the brand for you!

Shop the Sliquid Sizzle Warming Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Intro to BDSM

I find that the winter months are the perfect time to try something new in the bedroom. It’s dark for longer, and we might have a little more time to spend in the bedroom! So if you’re ready to explore this new side of things, grabbing a kit can help aid your journey. This kit from Calexotics includes a set of 2 fabric ties, double padded eye mask, 2 sets of fully adjustable universal cuffs, collapsible spreader bar, breathable ball gag and a roll up travel case with a hook. It’s truly everything you need all in one easy to pack up kit. This also makes a great gift!

Shop the Unleashed Surrender Set

Glass Toys

If you don’t already have some glass toys in your nightstand, this is the perfect time of year to add some! Mostly because you have the unique ability with toys made of glass to play with temperature. During the cold months, use hot water to warm up the toy before use for an extra relaxing feel. You can also use cold water or even stick the toy in the fridge for a cooling effect! Playing with temperature can be erotic and just plain fun, and the winter months are the perfect time to give that new experience a try.

Shop the Glas Purple Rose Glass Nubby Dildo 9in - Clear/Pink

It’s the time of year for rest and relaxation. Making time to prioritize your body’s needs and slow down is so important - so having some tools like this on hand is a great way to really commit to that. Stop into any of our locations or check out our online inventory for all your sensual needs. We can’t wait to have you!

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