Tips for Buying Your First Butt Plug

by Jacee Niblett -

Shopping for your very first butt plug is such an exciting experience. But understandably, it can be a bit nerve wracking as well. It’s exciting because of the prospect of novelty. Trying something new in the bedroom usually amplifies the allure and pleasure of the moment. But when it comes to butt stuff, we usually want to take a little extra care in more ways than one.

So if you’re in the market for a fun new butt plug, try some of these tips to help ease your journey - and make it fun!

Feel Different Materials

My first tip is only really possible by shopping in-store, but it’s a helpful one if you can swing it. Like other toys, butt plugs come in different materials. My favorite is glass, but there’s also silicone, plastic, and others. If you’ve never used anything in your butt before, you might not know what material feels the best for you. And really, you can’t know until you actually try - but you can feel the toy in your hand before you buy it at Excitement Adult Stores. Getting that initial feel might help you decide what you think will be best for you, and it gives you less surprises when you get home and open the box. Maybe the glass is much harder and heavier than you expected, and maybe the silicone is a little too soft. Give them a quick feel test to narrow down your options!

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Start Really Small

If this is your first time, starting small is going to be the best option for you. You can always move up, but you don’t want the disappointment of not being able to use the toy you bought at all. Starting small can give you encouragement and help you explore this newfound sexual pleasure sooner! The Booty Call Booty Starter plug by Calexotics is one of my favorites to suggest for beginners. The shape is really easy to start with, and it’s really small compared to others on the market. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, and you might have to experiment a bit before you find your groove!

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Mandatory: Buy the Lube

If you take one tip in this article to heart, please let it be this one! When you get offered the suggested accessory of adding lube to your purchase, please accept. Butts don’t lubricate themselves like vaginas do, and so putting anything in there will require lube. Spit or water just doesn’t suffice. The type of lube you choose will depend on the material your plug is made from. If you opt for a silicone butt plug, grab a thick water based lubricant. If you choose glass for your toy, a slick silicone lube won’t dry up so you won’t have to add more. Trust me, you’ll be glad you added this to your cart!

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Try it Out Solo First

My final tip is for the execution of your new fun experience. This is heavily dependent on circumstance, but I often find that when trying out any new toy (but especially one for a body part you haven’t explored much yet) it can be helpful to have some solo time with it first. This gives you a chance to really focus on you and your pleasure - so you know how things work when you do play with a partner! Find your speed, the level of arousal you need before penetration, and other nuances you might skip over if you're with someone else. Go slow, and have fun!

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Now that you have this info under your belt, you’re all set to start shopping! Check out some of the products mentioned above on our online store, or stop in to any of our physical locations for more in-depth assistance from our specially trained staff. You won’t regret it!

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