Our Updated LGBTQ Section

Our Updated LGBTQ Section

At Excitement we believe that pleasure is for EVERYONE. The promotion of pleasure lies at the heart of our work - and we have always made sure that sentiment extends towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

We all deserve sexual pleasure, and to enjoy our bodies. We all deserve to be our true selves and to honor our sexual expression and orientation.

We believe in normalizing human sexuality - and that includes a huge spectrum!

This month of pride exists because of discrimination in laws, policies and culture. But it is also a celebration in spite of these things. So in light of celebrating - I’d like to share a few of the amazing products we carry specifically designed for members of this community. 

New York Toy Collective Packers

Packing gear can be a great gender affirming practice for FTM or gender non-conforming people! We carry a few different options, including these from the New York Toy Collective. They are made from pure grade silicone making them super easy to clean - and they feel soo soft and nice to the touch.

Transmasc Pump

This pump is specifically designed with queer, trans masculine, and non binary bodies in mind! Its comfy cylinder provides a nice seal and can produce bottom growth and stimulation. The kit is super easy to use, including the cylinder, pump and release valve.

Pocket Queer Wisdom

While this isn’t an actual toy - it can definitely aid in your sexual journey and discoveries! This little pocket sized book is packed with the wisdom of unforgettable inspiring queer individuals. It’s a tribute to people like Freddie Mercury, Virginia Woolf, Laverne Cox, Harvey Milk, and Audre Lorde. Take their wisdom with you throughout your day, and find inspiration this pride month!

Buck’d Pack ‘N Jack

Similar to the NY Toy Collective packers - this product from Buck Angel is a 2 in 1 packer and stroker! It has the gender affirming benefits of packing and the added bonus of stroking capability for more affirming pleasure! Aiding in your masturbation habits, it is ribbed for pleasure and makes stroking easier and more accessible.


Did you know Excitement carries binders? They are an awesome way to cultivate your outward appearance to be more gender affirming. While it can sometimes be difficult to find the right one for you - we carry a variety of sizes to accommodate our customers. Check out our selection and feel more affirmed in your body!

Keep in mind, no toy we carry is automatically gendered. No toy is put into a strict box of who can and can’t use it. Rather, toys are expansive and can be used so creatively. Some toys are more accommodating of certain anatomy - and often trends in the industry turn toward cis-hetero people. That’s why we make a point to include this section in our stores. 

Stop in to any of our locations and check out these awesome products!

Happy Pride Month!

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