4 of the Prettiest Dildos on the Market

4 of the Prettiest Dildos on the Market

When it comes to choosing a dildo - whether it’s your first one, or you’re a seasoned vet, there’s a few things to consider in making your decision. You’ll want to think about size, style, function and… colors!

That’s right. The color of your toy DOES matter!

Here’s why…

During any kind of sexual experience, all of our senses can be utilized and titilated. Even sight! The feeling that is evoked when you look at something is often what jumpstarts the sexual response cycle. So it’s important for the look of your toys to bring you pleasure and joy! 

Sometimes solo sex gets a bad wrap - partnered sex is often considered the ideal. But solo sex is just as important, and the tools you use deserve just as much care and attention you would give to your partnered sex experiences. 

So instead of grabbing the cheapest, easiest option and looking at it like your last resort, try adding something to your collection that you look at with warmth and gratitude. 

Ready to make the jump? Keep reading for 4 of the prettiest dildos we carry in store.


Pride month isn’t over yet! Celebrate by adding this beauty to your bedside table. This 6 inch suction cup dildo by nsnovelties is made from silicone (a safe, non porous and easy to clean material). It’s nonvibrating but still super versatile. Use the suction cup to stick to a flat surface and ride, or secure it with a ring to a strap on harness for easy use. 


Of my personal favorites, this sparkly cotton candy colored dildo by Avant is a perfect option if you’re into glitter and glam. It has an easy simple shape, and all the benefits of a silicone dildo with a suction cup!


Do bright colors stimulate your senses and turn you on? If so, this bright pink option might be perfect for you. This dildo is made from silicone like the others on this list, but has a twist! It’s what we call dual density silicone - which means it’s soft and squishy to the touch on the outside, but firm and solid on the inside. This gives a wonderful realistic sensation when used for penetration.


Do you love a curve or a nice bump? Check out this beauty from Sportsheets’ Merge Collection! Personally I love the stormy matte color of this toy, and I also love the shape. The curve can be used to stimulate the G-spot or P-spot depending on the anatomy of the receiver. It also features these nice ridges going up the toy that can give you extra pleasure during use.

Our selection of dildos and vibrators is so vast you're bound to find something visually stimulating for you. Stop into any of our locations and check out our collection!

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