Gain MORE Sensation

Gain MORE Sensation

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Stuck in a bit of a sexual rut?

It happens to the best of us. Especially in long term relationships, the sweet hit of dopamine dies down a bit and you fall into more of a comfortable dynamic. Or in your solo sex patterns, sometimes you find that one sure fire way (on your back, legs straight forward, etc) that gets you there and you just stick to it over the years.

Maybe your orgasms resemble more of a quick sneeze than a fireworks show, these days.

I have good news - you don’t have to settle!

There are sure fire methods and techniques to amp up sensation in your sexual experiences, and find that mind blowing feeling again.

Keep reading for a few ways to INCREASE your sexual sensation.

Practice Some Mindfulness Techniques

One way to elevate your sexual sensations during any kind of play is to practice savoring the physical sensations as they come up. It works by moving your energy from an automatic habitual place to a more conscious and intentional one.

Instead of rushing to the finish line, try slowing down your moves tenfold. Start slow all over your body and pay close attention to how each area feels. As you amp up, continue to notice and savor the feelings as much as you can.

This super simple mindset shift can do so much for your sensation and work to help you become more conscious during the rest of your experiences!

Add More Lube

There’s a lot of misconceptions about using lube during sex. Some people think it’s only good for anal, some think they get “wet enough already”, and so on. But adding a little (or a lot) of lube to the mix can do wonders for increasing sensation.

It makes everything just that much more slippery and smooth, decreasing friction and increasing the feeling. While this doesn’t always work for everyone (some people find more friction the most pleasurable) it’s a little hack that might add more than you think!(some people find more friction the most pleasurable) it’s a little hack that might add more than you think!

Try an Air Pulsation Toy

These toys are all the rage right now, especially the Rose (pictured here). And for good reason! Air pulsation toys add a whole new host of sensations to your experience if you’re a vulva-haver. They work to gently pulsate on the clitoris, creating this super unique stroking sensation that feels wonderful for a lot of people.

Adding something like this to the clitoris during other play (like penetration) can add so much to the experience. And give the clitoris all the attention it deserves!

While I personally adore air pulsation toys - this sentiment applies to any clitoral stimulation (manual, vibrator, etc). Sometimes people with vulvas feel they are lacking in sensation during sex because the clitoris isn’t being adequately stimulated.

Find a way to stimulate the clitoris, and voila! Sensation is back.

Use a Butt Plug

Anal play is pleasurable on it’s own for so many of us - and maybe exploring that new area is all you need to get out of your sexual rut. But adding it to your play can also serve as a sensation booster in a lot of ways.

Wearing a butt plug gives you pelvic floor muscles something to hold on to - so a lot of people report stronger orgasms while wearing one.

Down for a sexy experiment?

During you next sexual escapade - try adding a butt plug and seeing how you feel! Remember to go really slow, start small, and use lots of lube! It’s not optional in this scenario.

At Excitement we’re in the business of promoting YOUR pleasure. You deserve to feel good and connected to your body in this way. It’s the most natural thing in the world. Stop in to any of our locations today and check out our ever expanding inventory.

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