Invest in Your Pleasure With These Luxury Sex Toys

Invest in Your Pleasure With These Luxury Sex Toys

Your pleasure is something to invest in. 

We often have internal narratives that paint sex, pleasure, or orgasm as frivolous and unimportant (thank you, sex negative culture). But there is so much value in these things, and so much value in prioritizing them in your life. While you don’t necessarily have to spend a whole paycheck to get stellar results from your toys - there is magic in the act of placing your pleasure on a pedestal, and valuing it with your purchase decision.

Mostly, it’s about switching your perspective and reclaiming pleasure in your life. By saying “this is important to me and an important part of my healthy life,” you are taking a stand for your happiness and joy.

If you are someone who doesn’t often invest in their pleasure, I invite you now to consider one of these options - and make the act of purchasing one a reclamation of your sexual power!


This luxurious vibrator is powerful, beautiful and versatile. It’s a classic wand style vibe - that packs a punch. This is perfect if you like a lot of strong rumbly power or if you prefer stimulation all over your vulva that covers a large surface area. It’s rechargeable, comes with adapters and features 10 speeds and 20 patterns. 


This toy screams royalty! It’s a butt plug that vibrates AND has an emerald jewel base to beautify your butt while stimulating the many nerve endings inside the anus. Pair this with any other type of stimulation or enjoy it on its own. It even comes with a remote control for easy solo use. It’s a gorgeous emerald color and features a powerful motor. This is perfect if you enjoy butt play, and want to feel cute and pretty during your fun.


It’s definitely giving sparkly unicorn vibes, can you tell? This platinum cured silicone dildo is perfect for any type of penetration due to its flared base - that can also serve as a suction cup to the wall, or work for securing to a strap on. Talk about versatility! Swap out your hyper realistic jelly dong for this luxurious toy to represent stepping onto your pleasure throne.


This one is for the adventurous couple to step up their toy game! The moxie is a panty vibe that can be controlled with your phone (hello date night upgrade!). It magnetically secures to your panties nestling up against your vulva for discreet pleasure. The luxury is in the tech - it can be controlled by an app on your phone no matter how far away you are. Give the control to your partner, and have some advanced naughty fun!

While the idea of a “high ticket item” can vary from person to person - this list includes a few examples from our higher end inventory. Like any other industry, the perks and durability of these toys are often worth investing in - and even more importantly, your body deserves the best!

Consider investing in your pleasure today - stop in to any of our locations and chat with some of our staff. They will help you find a luxury item within your budget, and we’re sure you’ll go home happy.

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