4 Oddly Shaped Sex Toys You'll Want to Try

4 Oddly Shaped Sex Toys You'll Want to Try

The sex toy industry has evolved so much over the years, and what’s on the market today often surprises our customers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone express their confusion about a product after the first glance - “What is this for? It doesn’t even look like a sex toy!”. 

It might come as a surprise that a lot of the “classics” aren’t actually efficiently designed. They work out well for some - but they aren’t made with anatomy in mind. So funnily enough, the weirdly shaped, odd-looking sex toys are often the best choices!

Keep reading to learn about 4 sex toys, that don’t look like sex toys at all.


A brand new favorite of our staff, the snail vibe solves the dual stimulation problem that most sex toys have - keeping the stimulation in contact with the clitoris! The odd shape of this toy allows the external vibrator to stay in place, so you actually get the dual stimulation you’re looking for! Insert it as far as you desire, the clitoral motor will slowly unfurl keeping it in place.

If you’re still not understanding how it works, stop in to one of our locations for a quick demonstration and you’ll get why this toy is taking the industry by storm.


At first glance this might seem like an odd thing to call a sex toy, but the Lust by Calextoic is a wonderful innovation. Its power is in its simplicity - this dual motor toy is for grinding. While most toys focus on penetration, the Lust allows the stimulation to go where the money is - externally! Most vulva owners experience orgasm reliably from clitoral stimulation, and a lot of us actually prefer a grinding or riding motion. This toy hits the spot, if that’s your experience!


It might seem like the Hummer more closely resembles a torpedo than a sex toy - but this is actually a perfect option for penis stimulation. This masturbator has a textured interior and vibrating motor to provide the ultimate stroking stimulation. Not all penis toys look like Fleshlights - and this odd looking toy might be the perfect level of discreet for you!


The Deia Feather is so sleek and beautiful, you might think it more likely a decoration than a sex toy. But the beauty is part of the sex appeal! This toy is meant to be hugely versatile, and stimulate your many erogenous zones. Think of the feather toys typically used in kink play, but it vibrates! Use it to tease, stimulate, or awaken the skin all over. This is a great option for foreplay or kink! 

You can’t always place judgment based on the first glance, and sometimes after a little demonstration it all becomes clear. Stop in to any of our locations today to see what fun goodies we have in store! We’re always willing and happy to explain if you’re confused. Ask questions, and go home with the perfect option for you. 

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