How to Use Toys to Enhance Your Orgasms

How to Use Toys to Enhance Your Orgasms

Have you ever noticed that some orgasms feel… different from others? Sometimes more powerful, sometimes longer lasting. On the surface it seems like an orgasm is an orgasm. And for the most part we all have our own most reliable method to get there. But if you really think about it - orgasms are not all created equal. 

Depending on a long list of variables, they can vary in intensity and duration. These variables are different for everybody. Maybe you find that positioning yourself on your back with legs lying straight in front of you results in the best orgasm for you. Maybe stimulating the cervix or the G Spot is the key. 

Exploring your orgasms can be a brilliant way to connect with your sexuality, and have better sexual experiences. And using toys makes the journey that much better!

Check out these options for using sex toys to enhance your orgasms!

Butt Plug + Vibrator Combo

Did you know that holding something in your butt can give your PC muscles something to hold on to which can result in stronger contractions during orgasm? In other less nerdy words, wearing a butt plug while you have an orgasm can make that orgasm feel stronger in your body! 

If you’re into anal, try wearing a butt plug while you use a vibrator (internal or external) and see how your body responds. Play around with the different sensations and positions, and see what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Don’t forget lots of lube and patience!

Clitoral Vibrator + Vaginal Penetration Combo

Most people with vulvas experience orgasm from external stimulation. This means that the clitoris needs some attention if you want an orgasm to occur. So a really common way to get there is using a simple vibrator on the clitoris. But similarly to the first method mentioned, adding vaginal penetration can enhance that experience… by a lot.

Try using your normal vibe on the clit, but add a dildo to the mix and see how it feels. You can leave it in and do your thing on the outside, or add movement and try stimulating the G spot. 

You can also try a dual stimulation toy - designed to stimulate internally and externally at the same time. Check out our many options at any of our locations.

Explore and have fun!


A really popular way to explore orgasm (and practice control) is to practice edging. This is a term used to describe the practice of bringing yourself really close to orgasm and then pulling back or stopping just before you reach the point of no return. And then bringing yourself all the way up again, and coming back down.

This practice has a lot of benefits - but it can also make the orgasm (that you finally let yourself have) more powerful than normal. Using a toy often helps us reach orgasm more quickly, so when edging it can be a powerful tool.

Try this fun game if it suits you, but remember it’s meant to be juicy - not super frustrating!

Sensory Deprivation

When you block out one of your senses (sight, sound, etc) it actually heightens all the others. Apply this to your sexual experience by adding a blindfold or noise cancelling headphones to the mix. 

By blocking out your vision or hearing - the physical sensations in your body can feel more intense, leading to a stronger and more powerful O!

Playing with different sensations and combinations is one of the most beautiful parts of using toys for pleasure. You get to explore, listen to your body and find the things it really likes. Rather than just sticking with the same routine, sex toys just might open the door for beautiful discovery about yourself and your body!

Stop in to any of our locations and take home a new toy to jump start your journey!

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