Non-Vibrating Dildos To Add To Your Collection

by Jacee Niblett -

The non-vibrating dildo is a classic in any nightstand toy collection. They are great products that can enhance a solo or partnered experience, or even provide a fun time all on their own. Just like most pleasure products, these toys come in a wide variety of styles. If you’ve never used one before it can be difficult to narrow them down.

What size is going to be comfortable? What material is going to feel the best? And an important one - do you need to use lube and which lube is safe?

So today I’ll help you by distilling some of my favorite picks with different preferences in mind. Keep reading to demystify the non-vibrating dildo world!

Sportsheets Tana Silicone

Sometimes the best things in life are simple - and that’s how I feel about silicone dongs. When done right, these can be a great option for a non vibrating dildo. Silicone is 100% body-safe, and compatible with any water based lubricant. The Tana by Sportsheets is a simple but elegant option, with a g-spot or p-spot favorable shape and harness-compatibility. It comes in a few colors, and feels silky smooth. If you’re looking for something slightly curved and easy to maneuver, this ones for you!

Shop the Sportsheets Tana Silicone 8" G-Spot Dildo

Gläs Double Dong

Maybe you prefer something with a little more glide? If so, a glass dong might be the perfect fit for you. Personally, I prefer the feel of glass material toys for internal stimulation. I find they slide easier, without any kind of tugging sensation. They also feel more heavy and solid, which is preferable to me. This double dong by Glas has beautiful “realistic” detail that provides ridges and bumps along the way, and it’s double sided so you can get creative. The only caveat is that it does not have a flared base, so it won’t be compatible with any kind of anal play or strap on harness. However, it is compatible with water, oil, or silicone based lubricant! Try this one out if you want to try something new.

Shop the Gläs 10.5" Girthy Realistic Glass Double Dong

Rouge Stainless Steel Wand Dildo

I’ve come to learn from anecdotal evidence that the design of this toy is top notch for g-spot stimulation. So if that’s your cup of tea you’ll want to hear more about this toy. Made from body safe stainless steel, this wand style dildo fits effortlessly in your hand with a heavy weighted bulb at the end of the curve. With this “hooking” motion, accessing and stimulating the g-spot is effortless and wildly efficient. And you can pair any lube you like with it. Plus, it gives a very classy and high profile vibe. Sound like you? Add this staple to your nightstand!

Shop the Rouge Stainless Steel Wand Dildo

Non-vibrating dildos offer a pretty unique experience that is customizable to you and your needs. They can add so much to your sex life and provide a special kind of stimulation that other toys don’t.

Whether you own one already and want to upgrade, or you're embarking on your first dildo journey - we’re here to help. Check out these options and more either on our online store or any of our physical locations. Be safe and have fun!

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