The Best Toys For You If You're Sensitive

by Jacee Niblett -

Our sexual experiences are all unique. At Excitement, we value the variety and diversity of sexuality, and that includes the way that we each experience pleasure products. Preferences are important, and it’s equally important to work with your body instead of against it.

One thing I hear from customers is that they want something either strong or easy-going. I love hearing this input because it means they know what their body needs/likes!

Are you on the more sensitive side when it comes to sexual stimulation?

This week I’m going to share with you some of my rec’s for people who prefer something a little softer. For those of you that don’t want a lot of power, keep reading because these are for you!

inBloom Rosales

If you have a clitoris that is extra sensitive to strong vibration, I highly suggest trying out a completely different type of stimulation! Air pulsation toys like this one from inBloom are a great way to switch up the stimulation you are experiencing with toys. Rather than vibration, they pulsate and almost stroke the clitoris. This can be a great sensation for those of us that have a higher sensitivity. Contrastingly, folks who prefer a higher level of power for the clitoris sometimes find these toys not strong enough. Try this one out if you want something completely new!

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Satisfyer Teaser Finger Vibrator

Another option to try if you’re sensitive is something that has a lower frequency of vibration. Toys that are smaller often have softer motors, and that translates to a sensation that is more surface level, rather than deep and penetrating. Something like this finger vibe from Satisfyer will do the trick. With this toy you also have another solution to sensitive genitals - exploring other erogenous zones on the body! This finger vibe lets you easily move about the body, whether it’s from direct contact with the clitoris to a lower portion of the body - or from direct contact with the testicles to closer to the shaft of the penis. Get creative and see where else this lower level of vibration feels good on the body!

Shop the Satisfyer Teaser Finger Vibrator

G-Love™ G-Wand

Often when people report a sensitive clitoris, they are speaking about the head of the clitoris specifically. But did you know you can also indirectly stimulate the clitoris? This is a great way to still have fun without bombarding the most sensitive part of your genitals! One way to achieve this is G-spot stimulation. A curved toy like this one from G-Love is a wonderful option. Grab this one if you’re into internal stimulation!

Shop the G-Love™ G-Wand

It’s always a good idea to experiment and play with different levels of stimulation when it comes to sex toys. The more information you have about yourself, the more informed decisions you’re going to make and the better experiences you will have! So if you’re sensitive, stop in and grab any of these products - or find one perfectly suited for your needs. We can’t wait to have you!

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