A Tour Into Our Kink Room

A Tour Into Our Kink Room

BDSM is an acronym for bondage & discipline(BD), dominance & submission (DS), and sadism & masochism(SM). Kink is a wide and beautiful array of sexual expression that allows us to play and explore as free sexual beings. It is a giant world to explore, with so much self discovery in store.


While I’m not a BDSM expert, my personal favorite aspect of kink is the way that it expands the sexual experience beyond the genitals alone. It incorporates the full body and mind, allowing you to be fully in your body and in the moment.


There are so many misconceptions about BDSM and kink, many of which are just not true. The foundations of BDSM lie in consent, trust, and mutual respect. Anything else is not considered true BDSM. Kinky participants will always negotiate and establish clear boundaries. “Safe words” are incorporated, and all parties give informed consent prior to any of the acts themselves. Read our article, “Let's talk about consent” to learn more about this area.



Excitement recognizes BDSM and kink as a legitimate avenue to explore and practice sexuality. That’s why we carry an expanding kink section in our stores. Keep reading for a tour of some of the categories we carry in this section, and some of our favorite toys!


We have a wide variety of kits available that each have a specific set of products inside. Some have different themes, while others are “beginner” kits that offer everything you need to start off with. They typically come with handcuffs, a flogger and sometimes a blindfold as well. Others come with additional games and different kinds of gags or restraints. 

Impact Play

Impact play is a term used to describe any act that involves, well - impact! Think floggers, crops, whips, or paddles. Each impact toy has its own specific sensation (thud, sting, whip, smack, etc) that can be really delicious to explore. Try out a few and find which sensation feels the most enticing! One of our favorites is the Rouge Leather Flogger.


This category involves many different kinds of restraints including handcuffs, bed restraints, rope, harnesses and more. It also includes different connector restraints such as neck to wrist or hog tie restraints. One of our favorites in this section is the Strict Bed Restraint Kit.


Mouth gags are used for a couple different reasons. Some people like being restrained by them, others like the excess saliva, and some just like wearing them in their mouths! The different styles we carry include ball gags, o-ring gags, and bit gags. They each provide a slightly different sensation and can be used for different purposes. Get creative! I love the Quickie Gag because it's made of smooth silicone that feels great and is easy to clean. 

Sensory Play

This category includes products that cater to the body’s senses. Things like wax dripping and pinwheels are included here. These are amazing introductory BDSM items because they’re non-intimidating and easy to use. My product recommendation for the sensory play section is the wartenberg wheel - I talk more about it and other sensory play items in a previous article about erogenous zones.

Pet Play

Pet play is a specific subset of BDSM that deals with power exchange, fetish, and roleplaying. Everybody does it a little differently but we carry products to help on your sexy endeavors! We have a few masks, collars, leashes, and butt plugs with tails! My favorite is the Rainbow Foxy Tail by Hot Products.


Chastity is another area of BDSM that deals with power exchange and fetish. Again, everybody has their own way of practicing and the products we carry aid in these adventures. We have multiple cock cages including metal and silicone. One of our favorites is the CB-600S Male Chastity Device. It’s comfortable and secure, and comes with a lock and key!

Excitement has all of this and more. Are you looking to explore the world of BDSM? Still have some questions? Stop in and ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff! We provide a judgement free and sex positive environment for everybody. We are here to help, and we’d be happy to assist you in finding the perfect product for your specific needs. 

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