5 Toys to Heat Up Your Solo Sex

5 Toys to Heat Up Your Solo Sex

What is one sure fire way to ensure you have mind-blowing, heat-inducing, and ecstatic sexual experiences?

One word: masturbate.

That’s right - getting to know your body (your turn-ons, your hard no’s, what areas of the body feel best) is the best way to make sure your needs are met with a partner. We can talk all day about how to communicate with a partner about sex, but you first have to know what it is you want to communicate.

But masturbating isn’t just for the purpose of having great partnered sex. It’s also an amazing way to connect with yourself, tune into your body, relax, and just feel good! 

If you want to heat up your “me time” - check out these 5 toys available at Excitement that are sure to add some spice to your self love routine.


1. Glass toys

If you have a vagina - try switching up your materials! Glass is an amazing and dynamic way to experience penetration. I find the glide provides less friction and more pressure which can be a beautiful addition to clitoral stimulation. With glass, you also have the option to experiment with temperatures by warming it up or cooling it down for extra sensations.


2. Prostate Vibrators

If you have a prostate - try adding that type of stimulation to your repertoire. It can be an amazing and new way to experience pleasure in your body if you haven’t already. And the Vector by WeVibe is a phenomenal toy to achieve this! It’s completely flexible and has a strong, rumbly motor. It’s shaped perfectly for prostate stimulation and is even remote controlled for easy use.


3. Mini Wand

If you’re someone who finds that they need a strong vibration on the clitoris in order to reach orgasm, a wand is the best way to find this with ease. The Mini Wand is a great way to open up your orgasm potential without making the commitment to a full size wand. Try adding this if you need a little extra stimulation for orgasm.


4. Air pulsation 

On the flip side, if you find that your clitoris is a little more sensitive - air pulsation might be the toy for you! Air pulsation uses indirect stimulation. It sort of feels like hugs and kisses on the clitoris rather than vibration. These are great toys if you don’t love vibration, or if you just want to try something new!


5. Arousal Oils

Using some form of topical that draws more blood to the area it’s applied to, is a great way to simply increase the sensations you’re already experiencing. These topicals make the area more sensitive and can take you to new heights! If you’re not the toy type - try adding this to your solo sex to experience more pleasure.

There’s often a stigma of shame around the topic of masturbation - but I’m here to let you know it’s a perfectly normal and natural thing to do. Pleasure is an important part of sexual health and wellness, and taking time for self care and self love is so important in today’s culture. 

Check out all these products and more at any of our locations - our staff is ready to help you find the perfect item to spice up your solo sex! 

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