3 Common Misconceptions About Sex Toys

3 Common Misconceptions About Sex Toys

A huge part of an adult store employee’s job is education and assisting customers in finding the best product for them. We will answer all of your questions, no matter how embarrassing you find them, give you information about different sexual practices, and inform you about the different products we carry (what they’re best used for, how exactly they work, etc). Throughout this ongoing process we come across a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of sex toys. Here I’ll break down a few that I’ve heard over the years. Keep reading to bust some myths!

Using sex toys with my partner means something is wrong with our relationship

This myth makes me so sad! 

So many people have this misconception that they are “supplementing” with sex toys, and that using them means their non-mechanical sex is failing, not enough, or boring. Often times partners are hesitant to incorporate sex toys because of this feeling of insecurity that they don’t provide enough.

This whole idea could not be further from the truth! Sex toys are not supplemental and they cannot replace a penis or a person. They can only enhance sexual experiences and add more variety and fun to the sex you’re already having. The truth is, adding sex toys to your repertoire makes you a better partner because it shows that you’re interested in and committed to the pleasure of your partner!


Using a vibrator will desensitize your genitals

This myth is very prevalent and a little complicated.

It’s true in a sense, depending on what you mean by desensitization. What actually happens is our bodies get used to patterns. These patterns could include vibration but they could also include chronically laying flat on your back during orgasm. Either way, your body can get used to this pattern and then it can feel like you need this pattern in order to experience orgasm.

What doesn’t actually happen is a permanent or nerve-related desensitization of your anatomy related to powerful vibration. All you really need to do if this is your experience is add some variety to your routine! You don’t need to give up vibrators completely.


Anal toys make you gay (if you identify as a man)

This myth just needs to die already.

It’s 2021, and yet we still hear iterations of this harmful misconception in and around conversations about sex. Gender and sex are not binary nor are they the same thing! So, however you enjoy your anatomy says nothing about your gender or your sexuality. Everybody has a butt that can be enjoyed (if they desire it) and there are many ways to perform this type of sex. None of which say anything about your sexual orientation. Butts do not equal gay!

Did you previously believe any of these myths? What does this change for you and your sexual experiences? My hope is that after reading, you now feel more inclined to explore this realm of pleasure, and maybe pick up a new toy for yourself or your partner! If you’re in the market - be sure to stop in to any of our locations for expert advice and an expansive collection of products.

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