4 of the Best Toys for Penis-Owners

4 of the Best Toys for Penis-Owners

We often hear the complaint that there is a discrepancy between the amount of toys we carry for “women” and the amount of toys we carry for “men”. While a quick glance of our shelves can give this impression - it couldn’t be farther from the truth for two reasons. One - toys don’t have genders. Men can and do use vibrators, and women can and do use strokers! It’s more accurate to describe the anatomy these toys are best used for than to label them as for women or for men. Two - our store is stocked full of products designed for penises! 

So, if you are a penis-owner and have felt left out of the game - keep reading for four of the best penis toys we carry!


If you want a totally new and unique experience for your next solo sex session, look no further than the arcwave. This isn’t just any stroker toy, it features pleasure air technology - similar to the air pulsation toys designed for vulvas. Utilizing changes in air pressure, this stroker works to target a specific area of the penis called the frenulum (a highly sensitive spot). This totally new type of stroker is perfect if you want to upgrade your routine and try something deliciously new!

Max 2


Do you have a long distance lover? If so, this toy is the perfect option for you. At first glance, the Max 2 might seem like a regular stroker - but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This stroker vibrates, adding a whole new dimension of pleasure to your play. The vibration can also be controlled by your phone OR your long distance lover’s phone via bluetooth! This means you can use your phone as a remote control, or you can release control of the toy to your lover while you play. Finally, the Max 2 also has the ability to sync to the Nora by lovense (a rabbit vibrator designed for vulvas). When you sync your toy with your lover’s toy - they’ll both react to each other’s movement. Sex toys of the future!

Flux Ring

Much less fancy, but just as fun an option is a cock ring. Tried and true, cock rings work to keep blood from leaving an erection. The end result is a stronger and longer lasting erection for all kinds of play. It’s a noninvasive and completely natural way to aid erectile issues - and a lot of folks just love the feeling of restriction at the base of the penis. The Flux ring is an excellent option as it’s made of body safe silicone but there are other options as well depending on the size, style or even color you’re looking for.

Tenga Flex

Want a unique experience, but don’t want to pay the price for a high end toy? Tenga products are definitely for you. The Tenga Flex is a soft and squishy sleeve housed inside a sleek and discreet case. What’s great about this product is the swirling sensation you receive due to the unique spiral ribbed casing. It’s not just an up and down or suction sensation, but you get the added spin as well. Tenga products are well loved and the flex is no exception!

As you can see, the industry has truly evolved beyond the point of a fleshlight being your only option. We carry such a variety of different toys and tools that can aid and enhance your sexual experiences as someone with a penis. Stop in at any of our locations to explore even more options than those listed here, and don’t forget to ask questions and have fun!

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