3 Vibes to Try If You're a Newbie

by Jacee Niblett -

Are you interested in adding toys to your sex repertoire, but feeling a little intimidated? Keep reading!

First of all, let me just remind you that you are normal, and feeling intimidated is a common experience. It doesn’t say anything about you as a sexual person, or mean anything about your sexual experiences. It’s okay to feel a little weird about sex toys!

But if you desire giving it a whirl, I encourage you to work through the weirdness and give it a go. You really never know what you’re gonna like until you try it.

You also don’t always know what’s available until you ask (or seek it out).

So allow me to offer some recommendations, keeping in mind that you might be new to the game.

Amour Mini G

One of the simplest ways to dip your toes into the sex toy world is by going with the classic bullet. Small, discreet and pretty straightforward - bullets are really popular for their size and low effort vibe. They’re really great for clitoral stimulation, and this one is slightly curved at the tip making it just a little easier to reach the spot you want to stimulate. Start out really simple, and explore with this bullet before expanding your horizons!

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Hollywood Hottie

On the flipside of simplicity, a toy that is really versatile is also a fantastic option for someone new to sex toys. I like having options when you’re new to this kind of pleasure, because it’s an explorative process and you don’t know exactly what you like yet. So, you need options! This handheld vibrator is not just easy to hold, but its unique shape allows for a lot of room to play with different positions and types of stimulation. The very tip on the head of the clitoris is going to feel different than laying the toy flat on a vulva - and there are more options in between. So if you’re ready to explore, check this one out/

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whole view of the satisfyer mr. rabbit vibrator mr eis030 pink

Satisfyer Mr. Rabbit

Okay, hear me out - while dual stimulation might feel a bit “advanced” if you’re nervous about trying a sex toy at all, I do feel that a toy like this might be the exception. Rabbit vibrators are really popular for a reason and that is because dual stimulation can be a reliable method for orgasm in people with vulvas! So why not try it out? Plus, the Mr. Rabbit from Satisfyer is pretty, discreet, and simplistic enough that it won’t be overwhelming or overly sexualized. The flexibility of the actual material is also an important part, giving you more ease of use. And the best part is, this toy can also be used solely externally or internally. So you still have options! Check this one out if you might be interested in experimenting with dual stimulation but don’t necessarily want to be locked in.

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Ready to dive into the beautiful, wonderful world of sex toys? We got your back! Stop into any of our locations for further assistance, or browse our online inventory for something you’ll love with a little more privacy.

Before you know it, you’ll be a certified pro!

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