Toys to Try If You Like to Be Discreet

by Jacee Niblett -

Let's be honest with each other - sex toys are not always the most discreet products in the world. They can be loud, large, or bulky and while I’m all for being out and proud when it comes to valuing and participating in your sexual pleasure, I also understand the need to be mindful of noise and transportability for different lifestyles.

I know how important it is for sexual pleasure to be relaxed and worry-free. As a sex coach, it’s actually one of the most common things I focus on with clients. Finding that relaxation in your body and mind is paramount for orgasm, and general sexual pleasure. Worrying about being heard or caught is a total mood-killer.

So whether it’s thin walls and roommates, or frequent carry-ons for flights - you can find toys that work for you if you look hard enough.

Lucky for you, I’ve done a lot of the looking already. So keep reading for some of my top picks when it comes to discreet sexy time!


I am a huge advocate of air pulsation toys. They can be hit or miss for people, but those of us that love them, really love them. The sensation is a bit different from vibration - it’s more of a cupping and stroking of the clitoris. And, it’s typically much quieter than a vibrator. Especially the Womanizer (my personal favorite of air pulsation toys)! With 10 intensity levels, an extra stimulator head for size differences, and 180 minutes of battery life on a charge, this toy is perfect if you want something quiet that still has luxury and pleasure-inducing sensations.

Shop the Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Pleasure Air Clitoral Vibrator

VeDO Wini Mini Wand

I also love a good wand vibrator. The classic shape is so good for clitoral stimulation! Its broad sphere with a long handle allows you to get it exactly where you want it to go, and they often pack a punch. But classic wand vibrators are big, to say the least. They can be hard to travel with, even if it’s just in a weekend bag. But this mini version by Vedo is a perfect discreet alternative! I won’t lie, you aren’t going to get the same amount of power in this toy as a full size wand vibrator, but you’ll get the classic shaped head, and a nice rumbly motor with less noise and less bulk. So if you’re married to your wand but need a travel companion, try this one!

Shop the VeDO Wini Rechargeable 5.75" Mini Wand

Fleshlight Quickshot

Love your Fleshlight stroker but find it cumbersome? Fleshlights are such a great option for penis stroker toys, but they can be difficult to travel with, and somewhat difficult to take care of in shared spaces. The Fleshlight Quickshot is a great alternative to full size strokers if you need something a little more discreet. They’re small and handheld, but they still have the same high quality that the Fleshlight brand delivers. The realistic material is top-notch, and the smaller size makes it a bit easier to clean. Plus, the closed case allows easy travel! Grab this one if you need a stroker that’s more conducive to your lifestyle!

Shop the Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Lady/Butt

You deserve to experience sexual pleasure in the most relaxing and peaceful environment for you. You don’t have to give up your vibes to reach that goal! So, if you’re ready for some peace and quiet, shop these picks and more at any of our locations, or from our extensive online inventory.

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