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Sex Stones Intimacy Gemstone 5pc Kit

Sex Stones Intimacy Gemstone 5pc Kit

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Enhance intimacy in your sex life by cleansing and charging the energy of the chakras. Deepen the connection to oneself and partners by opening up to invigorate the libido. Includes 5 gemstones and a glossary of use with stone descriptions.

Smoky Quartz: Grounding, practicality, organization, manifestation, transmuting negative energies

Red Jasper: Strength, steadiness, grounding, vitality, stabilizing energies

Carnelian: Sexuality, confidence, courage, action, vitality

Rose Quartz: Love, emotional healing, resolving conflict, intimacy

Amethyst: Protection, purification, overcoming obstacles, health

  • 5 piece gemstone set
  • Intimacy promoting crystals
  • **External use only**
  • Includes glossary of use & (1) of each stone:
    • Smoky Quartz
    • Red Jasper
    • Carnelian
    • Rose Quartz
    • Amethyst
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