• by Jacee Niblett - May 16, 2023

Dildos and other toys made out of glass always get a very mixed reaction.

It seems like people either love them or they hate them!

But I’ve noticed often a dislike of glass toys comes from some level of not understanding them. I hear people say they are afraid to use them because they might cause horrendous injuries (they will not), or that they just look scary and not very sexy (fair, but have you seen the Soma Twisted Glass by Prisms!?). 

And while I will never try to convince you to go for something you just know you won’t like (you know your body better than I do after all!), I hope you’ll allow this avid glass dildo user to present my case for adding this sexy version of play to your repertoire.

Keep reading for 5 reasons to add a glass toy to your collection!

A Different Sensation

The number one reason I love using glass toys is because of how the actual material feels in comparison to silicone. With my silicone toys, I find the internal use of them provides this tug and pull feeling that I don’t love. Contrastly, glass provides a beautiful and silky smooth movement during use. It also gives you a firmer pressure that I don’t find with silicone that I enjoy a lot more.

Because of the difference in sensation, I love to suggest glass to people looking to try something new. It can be a really simple switch that gives you a new and juicy experience!

Ease of Cleaning

While I don’t find any of my toys particularly difficult to keep clean (thank you, trusty spray bottle of toy cleaner,) my glass toys seem to be the easiest. Plus, you have a lot more options for cleaning when it comes to glass - such as sticking it in the dishwasher or in a pot of boiling water. Glass is completely non-porous so you really don’t ever have to worry about trapped bacteria rearing its ugly head.

So, it’s not just easy to keep clean - but it’s easy to keep REALLY clean if you know what I mean.

Temperature Play

Speaking of sex toys and boiling water - glass toys give you such fun and versatile ways to play! For example, playing with the sensations of hot and cold. With these toys you can safely increase or decrease their temperature using boiling water or your freezer to add a deeper dimension of pleasure to their use. Just think of the possibilities!!

Disclaimer: I always suggest spot checking your temperature before inserting ANYTHING especially hot or cold. Go slow and be safe!

The Aesthetics

If you’re anything like me, your sexuality might be highly visual. Sex isn’t just about how something physically feels you know - ALL our senses are at work here. That’s why I love using toys that I find beautiful. And really, you don’t find more beauty than you do in the glass section. From bumpy ridges, to swirly colorful designs, glass toys get so creative.

And it’s not just they’re added decals but they’re shapes too. The actual shape of a glass toy can offer so much in terms of effectiveness of use. Try a crazy curved G-spot glass dildo and you’ll know what I mean!

Freedom of Lube

One of the common downsides to silicone materials is that water-based lube is really the only safe option. And while I definitely don’t mind my water based lube - it’s a nice benefit of my glass toys that I can use any lube I want and it won’t degrade my toy or cause me any harm.

This means if you love your long lasting silicone lubricant and feel restricted by not being able to use it with some of your toys - you’re good to go with your new glass friend.

Disclaimer: condoms do break when you add oil-based, so keep that in mind always!

If you’re ready to make the switch to glass dildos, Excitement is the place for you. We have such a wide selection as well as all the accessories your heart could desire. Stop in to any of our locations or check out our online inventory for your new glass bestie!

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