• by Jacee Niblett - May 30, 2023

Does it sometimes feel like the only sex toy option for those of us with penises is a Fleshlight?

We hear the complaint all the time - “there’s SO many options for vulvas, and only one for penises!”

And the thing is, this is just a wild misconception.

But firstly, there’s nothing wrong with Fleshlights! They are amazing tools for penis play and are enjoyed by many, but they are not the only option. In a narrow view of the sex toy world it can seem like there are thousands of different vibrators, and only a few different Fleshlights, but truthfully, there are all kinds of toys designed for penises, and vibrators can be used in many creative ways!

So if you’re looking for a penis toy other than a Fleshlight, check out some of my favorites below.

Vedo Hummer

This is a machine that truly does it all. While it can be super beneficial for anyone that has trouble using their hands, it’s also great for those that want that ease of use as well as the feeling of “someone else” doing the work for you during solo sex. That’s because it’s a truly hands free experience that mimics the sensations of oral sex. With 25 different variable ways to play, this automatic suction masturbator is anything but boring or simple. It has a soft and stretchy sleeve and optional remote control! Pick this one up if you want to seriously upgrade your solo sex experience.

Shop the VeDO HUMMER™ Super BJ Machine

Zolo Edgemaster

This masturbator by zolo is a great option if you want more of a stroking sensation, rather than a suction sensation, but the big sell is the vibration! Yup, this squeezable hand held toy lets you stroke manually with added vibration in just the right spots. It has a flexible design, it’s easy to grip, and the vibration targets the frenulum - the super sensitive part of the penis located on the “back” of the head. It also has 3 speeds, 10 modes, and it’s waterproof! Try this out if you want an upgraded experience that doesn’t stray too far from what you’re used to.

Shop the ZOLO Edgemaster

Optimum Series Pump

Penis pumps are often used to help increase the size and endurance of erections, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome choices for toys to experiment and play with. A penis pump can feel great, and increased blood flow in an erection is going to increase your pleasure and sensation. I love recommending this one from Optimum Series because it’s automatic (you don’t have to squeeze a ball to create the pump) and it has easy to use touch controls. This is a great option if you want to incorporate partnered sex into your journey!

Shop the Optimum Series Executive Automatic Smart Pump

Ready to try something new? Stop in to any of our locations or check out our extensive online inventory to find your new favorite penis toy. It’s so fun to experiment with different options, and no matter how well it goes, you now have more information about your own body and pleasure.

Knowledge is power!

Stay safe and have fun.

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