What Vibe Style is Right for You?

by Jacee Niblett -

When it comes to picking out a vibrator, there are a lot of different options. Some people have a hard time choosing the right one for them, others just stick to one style forever because it's the only one they've ever tried.

But truthfully, we all deserve to use the toys that really work for us. And generally, you can't get there without at least a little bit of trial and error. But luckily for you, I have some general guidelines and information that might help you make a more informed decision the next time you go shopping for a new vibe.

Keep reading to hear all about the different styles of vibrators and why a certain type might be the right choice for you!

Bullet Vibes

The bullet vibe is one of the most accessible and well known styles of vibrators, and for good reason! It's small, easily portable (or concealable), and gives you a subtle buzz that a lot of people love. Bullet vibes vary, but generally they are going to be simple and easy when it comes to power or functions. This might be the vibe for you if you want something you can easily slip between bodies, prefer a lighter vibration, or like the feeling of pinpointing exactly where you want your sensations.

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Wand Vibes

Some of us prefer something that packs a big punch. If you're a power queen, a wand style vibe might be the choice for you! These vibrators are harder to conceal, are generally larger in size, and often carry the strongest power out of any vibrator styles. You might also prefer this style if you like a broad sensation on the vulva - rather than focusing vibration on one specific area (such as the clitoris), wand vibes can envelop the entire vulva. They're classic for a reason, and maybe it's the choice for you!

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G-spot Vibes

Are you reading this thinking, "but Jacee, I like to use a vibrator internally rather than externally"? Then a G-spot vibe might be the style for you! These curved-tip vibrators aren't exclusively used for internal use (they're versatile!) but they are probably the most functional. The shape of these toys allows for easy g-spot access and they’re often designed with internal use in mind. So if that's your jam, this style might be the best for you.

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Starting to figure out if you're more of a wand girl or a bullet babe?

Keep in mind that we can enjoy different things - but the point is not to restrict yourself from something that might work better for you just because you never bothered to explore your options.

No matter what toy suits your fancy, you deserve pleasure!

Be safe and have fun!

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