Small Adjustments to Your Bedroom That Can Increase Pleasure

by Jacee Niblett -

I’m fresh off finishing the book “Come Together” by Dr. Emily Nagoski and in it she talks about the idea of “sexy contexts.” Basically the idea is that our sexual desire is mostly influenced by the context in any given moment, and context refers to both our external circumstances and our internal state.

While everyone is calibrated to respond to different contexts in different ways, this idea got me thinking about ways that we can influence our own external circumstances to make it easier for a sexy context to occur.

So this week I’m giving you 3 easy and simple adjustments you can make to possibly help sexy contexts occur.

Keep in mind this is a major simplification of the way that sexual desire works, but still - small things can make giant impacts!

Comfort Adjustments

If you have any level of pain or discomfort with certain sex positions, you know how much of a turn off it can be. Even if the pain isn’t severe, maximizing comfort and ease can be a game changer for your sexual desire.

Add extra pillows to your bed to use for your hips, knees, or neck. You could even try position pillows or bolsters! Another option is something like the Ohnut which acts like a bumper for pain during penetration. Of course it’s always a good idea to address pain during sex from a health standpoint - but having these small adjustments in place can make a huge difference if your anticipation of the pain is affecting your sexual desire.

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Easy Access

A sexy context might be one where all of your toys and trinkets are easily accessible for you. Maybe the time and effort it takes to gather the vibes and the lube and the condoms is just a little too much for your desire to flourish. Rather than beat yourself up for it, work with your mind and body to create a context that is conducive for you. Grab a little basket from the thrift store and fill it with all your goodies - your favorite toy, a bottle of lube, condoms, and anything else you use regularly. That way it’s all on hand anytime the desire sparks!

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Clean up

Sometimes, the idea of “cleaning up” after sex is a desire killer. If this is the case for you, preparing for it can be a huge help. Similar to the last tip, having everything you need in place can give you peace of mind. Keeping towels or wipes nearby is a great idea - but you can even go further and add something like a waterproof throw to your bed to make clean up even smoother. The Liberator Fascinator is a perfect example - it’s truly incredible technology that won’t allow any amount of liquid to seep through. This simple adjustment can provide amazing peace of mind and might just be a block that gets broken through to allow your sexual desire to fully bloom.

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Do you think any of these adjustments would increase your likelihood for pleasure? I encourage you to spend some time thinking about the contexts that you find sexy for yourself, and then maybe work toward increasing those in your life.

Pleasure is important!

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Be safe, and have fun!

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