3 of My Favorite Vedo Products

by Jacee Niblett -

While I always try to be objective about my opinions on various sex toys, I’m not gonna lie - I do have some favorite brands and Vedo is one of them. What I love about their brand is how affordable their products are without sacrificing an ounce of quality. They have a simple but diverse line of vibrators, and across the board their toys come made with solid materials and function in ways that just make sense.

So I’m really happy to be sharing with you this week some of my all time favorite Vedo toys - and hopefully you find something in here you like!

Luv Plus Bullet

This bullet has been a long standing favorite of mine - because it's simple, effective, and unique! The bullet style is usually popular because it’s easy and recognizable, but often it doesn’t leave a lot of room for experimentation or variation in stimulation. But this unique take on the bullet opens up more options in that department. With its round lip and pointed ball you can get a lot of different moves in with this toy. Plus, it has a great motor and silky smooth silicone!

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Huni Lay-on Vibe

I just adore this style of vibrator, because it's design makes it SO easy to use during partnered sex. Its “handles” fit effectively between your pointer and index finger, giving you a sturdy hold that allows you to maneuver the toy in whatever way you want. This functionality is my favorite thing about the toy, but I also love it’s perfectly sized, flexible ears, nubbed tip and ribbed tummy. You have so many ways to play with this toy and it’s just so cute!

Shop the VeDO Huni Rechargeable Lay-on Vibe

Grip Stroker

Vedo doesn’t forget about penis-owners, and their toys designed for these folks don’t miss out on any of the efficiency or class of their other toys. This handheld stroker has a super soft silicone gripper with a textured sleeve - but it also vibrates with a powerful motor and 10 different modes. It’s a great penis stroker toy that’s super portable and easily concealable. Pick this one up if you need a more discreet penis toy!

Shop the VeDO Grip Rechargeable Vibrating Stroker

Ready to dip into the land of Vedo vibes? We’re here to help! Come into any of our physical locations or browse online to see all of the Vedo products we carry - fair warning, it is a lot. And if you need any assistance our staff are here to help.

Be safe and have fun!
Keep in mind that we can enjoy different things - but the point is not to restrict yourself from something that might work better for you just because you never bothered to explore your options.

No matter what toy suits your fancy, you deserve pleasure!

Be safe and have fun!

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