How to Choose the Best Lube For You

by Jacee Niblett -

One of my main goals in life is to increase the amount of people in the world that know how special lube is.

There’s a misconception that you should only use lube if you “need” lube. I hear it all the time and it makes me so sad because it reminds me of how many people are missing out on the beautiful experience that is adding lube to any kind of sexual touch!

Now, obviously everyone is different - but in general, lube makes everything better. And in some cases (namely, any kind of anal sex) it’s mandatory for a good time.

So this week I’m going to walk you through choosing the right lube for you! Keep in mind that not all lubes are created equal, and while I’m going to be discussing different categories of lube, you’ll also want to consider the ingredients and what works best for your body beyond just the base.

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Water Based

The most simple and versatile kind of lube is a water-based option. This is a great option if you frequently use toys or condoms, or if you like something that’s a bit simpler and feels more “natural.” Water-based lubes are compatible with pretty much anything, so you don’t have to worry about reactions. But, they do dry out quickly from absorption into the skin - so if you don’t want to have to reapply you might want to consider a different one.

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Oil Based

For all the girlies that rave about coconut oil as lube - this is the pick for you! Oil based lubricants can feel really nice on the skin and provide a specific kind of glide that you don’t quite get with water-based lube. They also won’t dry out as quickly, so your bottle will last a bit longer. However, they are not compatible with condoms (they will actually break the latex) and sometimes oil can irritate skin by clogging your pores. So keep that in mind, but if coconut oil works for you go for it!

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Silicone Based

A common favorite for any anal play, silicone based lubricants take the term “long lasting” very seriously. This kind of lube doesn’t actually absorb into your skin, so you only need to apply once and everything stays nice and slick. It’s often thicker too, which makes it ideal for anal. But it is super important to remember that liquid silicone and solid silicone are not friends - so don’t use this kind of lubricant with any of your silicone toys.

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ant the best of both worlds? A hybrid might be for you! Hybrids are usually either oil or silicone mixed with water - and give you a lot of the benefits of either form but with less oil or silicone you might miss out on the cons. For example, some silicone hybrids are safe to use with silicone toys, and some oil hybrids might not clog your pores. To be safe, we always recommend doing a spot test.

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It’s important to be informed when it comes to your lube choices, so I hope this quick info guide helps you make the right choice for you. At the end of the day, adding any lube to your sexual experiences can increase pleasure, decrease pain or discomfort and help you have the best time possible.

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