Guide to Period Sex

Guide to Period Sex

Whenever I start talking about period sex there’s always a mix of responses. From the outright “EW!” to the “oh it’s my favorite” and everything in between. Truth be told, period sex is not for everybody. If you are a person who menstruates, you are well aware of all of the symptoms and experiences that come along with that. Some people love to get it on during that time of the month, others not so much. For a lot of us, it varies from month to month! It’s a complicated subject, that is very much individual-based. However, there is so much stigma and misinformation attached to the subject that sometimes it’s hard to develop an informed opinion. So, here we will break down some of those stigmas and offer some tips and tricks to help if gettin’ freaky on your period is something you desire.


“Period sex is dangerous/painful” - There is no added risk to having sex during menstruation. While some people experience painful cramping that can make penetration uncomfortable, for some of us arousal and orgasm can actually ease that pain. (Sidenote: it is possible to still get pregnant even while on your period.)


“Period sex is gross” - A basic fact of life is that vaginas bleed. This happens and it is a normal and natural occurrence. While everybody’s comfort level is different and things can get messy (newsflash: sex can get messy regardless) there is nothing gross/bad/wrong about choosing to have sex while on your period.



“Sex=penetration and I don’t like penetration during my period” - I’m hoping if you’re reading this you might already be able to guess what I’m about to say. SEX DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL PENETRATION! There are so many pleasurable activities to explore if penetration while bleeding isn’t your thing, but you still desire pleasure/intimacy. We have options, people!


When I made my sexual debut, period sex was absolutely off the table. It wasn’t necessarily because I didn’t desire it, but rather because I was embarrassed. All it took was a little education and some trial and error to really find my flow (no pun intended) and be able to successfully get the job done. Based on experience and knowledge about some awesome products at Excitement, here are my tips and tricks for making period sex smooth sailing.

Wipes and a Towel

Utilizing some really nice, non-scented and natural wet-wipes and a towel you don’t care too much about minimizes almost all the mess. These two simple items can leave you stress free and fully able to experience the moment.

Shower Sex!

Moving your sexy-time to the shower or bath is the perfect way to start if you’re new but curious about period sex. Wash away all the mess and just focus on the experience. Consider adding some silicone lubricant to the mix too (it doesn’t absorb or wash off easily).

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are economic and eco-friendly alternatives to tampons/pads. They sit against your cervix and catch the blood for you. They can make any external-play completely blood-free!

Glass/Steel Toys

Toys made with stainless steel or glass have the ability to be warmed or cooled. This can heavily enhance sensation anytime, but using a warmed up toy during your period could potentially help with cramping or ease any initial discomfort!

A wand massager is my go-to toy during my period. It's hefty, strong and really effective without any penetration. I also love to use it on my lower back and shoulders before bed to help with muscle aches!

CBD-infused lube

While this isn’t proven fact, some people find that using CBD-infused lubricant can decrease cramping or discomfort while having sex. I personally find it helpful during my period!

The beautiful thing about our sexual experiences is that they can be perfectly tailored to our needs and desires. We are taking our personal power back and making our sex lives work for us - not in accordance with outdated stigmas and preconcieved notions. At Excitement we carry products that help you enhance your sexual experiences all around. Stop in and chat with us about any of these products and more. We can’t wait to have you!

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