Excitement's Guide to Lubricants

Excitement's Guide to Lubricants

We hear it all the time, "I don't need lube, spit works just fine!" or "She gets plenty wet on her own," or "We only use lube for anal." Many people make the mistake of dismissing the use of lubricant for all types of sex or masturbation, or they assume all lube is the same and any drugstore brand will work just as well. Wrong! If there's one thing we wish the world knew is that SEX IS BETTER WITH GREAT LUBE! Here's a handy guide to figure out which lube is best for you (and your partner(s)).

Why Use Lube?

  • Lube reduces friction and acts as a protective layer
    • Reduces irritation/micro-tears/skin injury
    • Keeps condoms from breaking
    • Thus, lube protects you from STI transmission
  • Helps the fun last longer
  • Many vaginas experience some form of dryness (due to hormonal changes, medicines, hydration, alcohol and smoking) and lube replenishes needed moisture
  • Vaginal self-lubrication is not always enough for penetrative sex (and despite the myth, vaginal wetness is not always correlated to arousal!)
  • There is no natural lubrication in the anus/rectum and the skin is very thin and prone to injury if lube is not used during anal sex
  • The skin around genitalia is delicate and more prone to irritation, injury and/or infection if not properly cared for
  • During masturbation, lube allows hands and toys to slip around easily without undue friction or irritation
  • Saliva dries out quickly during oral sex and can be difficult to replenish right away (flavored lubes work great for oral play!)

What to consider when choosing a lube

  • What type of sex will it be used for (body on body, with toys, anal, external, fisting, masturbation)?
  • Are there any ingredients to avoid (allergens, compatibility with toys/condoms, desired taste or warming/cooling/stimulating effect)?
  • What consistency is preferred (thick gel cushion, lube that stays where you put it, non-sticky, feels like natural vaginal lubrication)?

A Note on Our Recommendations

We recommend certain brands at Excitement because we believe in the quality of the ingredients or materials. Remember, any lube is better than no lube at all! That being said, what's best for your body may be different than what's best for someone else, and if you have a lube you love that's working for you, by all means, keep using it! If you notice any itching, burning or irritation though, discontinue use of your lube ASAP. Don't give up on using lube - try different brands or ask us for help. Listen to your body and go with what works best for you and your partner(s).

Ingredients to Look Out For


Glycerin - often used in inexpensive lubricants; slightly sweet taste, safe to eat, becomes tacky/sticky with use but lasts longer than water-based lube without glycerin; not recommended for those that are prone to yeast infections because it can lead to irritation or more frequent infection


Propylene Glycol - used in many personal care products; helps keep lube "slippery" but also draws water out of the skin, which can dehydrate or irritate the vagina; non-toxic, but known side effect of irritation for those with more sensitive skin


Allergens - Some lubes use menthol, cinnamon extract, aloe, coconut oil, seaweed extract, etc. to enhance your experience with the lube. While most of these don't cause issues for most people, if you have allergies or sensitivities, read the ingredients label or ask us for help.

Water-Based Lube

  • Great for almost any kind of sexual play & first-time lube buyers
  • Easy to wash off; non-staining
  • Dries out as water is absorbed into the skin
  • Usually more affordable than silicone or hybrids
  • Viscosity can vary from thin layer of slippery-ness to a thick blob of jelly
  • Often comes in warming and cooling options
  • Brands we love: Sliquid, Wicked Aqua, Good Clean Love (aloe based)

Silicone Lube

  • Ideal for body-on-body play; not recommended for use with silicone toys or porous (skin-like toys)
  • Does not absorb into skin, so it lasts longer and is hypoallergenic
  • Tasteless, odorless, super slick
  • Great for use in water (shower, bath, hot tub, pool)
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Can be more difficult to clean up and can stain fabrics
  • Great for vaginal or anal sex
  • Brands we love: Uberlube, Loob Lube Silk, Migliori

Hybrid, Flavored & Others

  • Hybrid lubes are blended lubes offering the long-lasting power of silicone with the easy clean up water-based lubes, plus they are compatible with silicone toys
  • Flavored lubes = awesome oral; sugar-free for safe vaginal use
  • Coconut oil blends are a silicone-free hybrid alternative; but cannot be used with latex
  • Brands we love: Wicked Hybrid and Aqua Flavors, System Jo Gelato Flavors and Coconut Hybrid, Wet Elite 
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