Partner intimidated by sex toys?

Partner intimidated by sex toys?

There exists all sorts of stigmas surrounding sex toys and products. We tend to attach our own ideas and conceptions to sex toys - instead of recognizing them for what they truly are.. tools!


When navigating our desires within intimate relationships, something that can often come up is sex toy insecurity. It’s very common to have one partner feeling threatened or demeaned by the introduction of toys. This usually comes from a place of insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. Often this issue can be remedied by words of affirmation! It’s also helpful to introduce toys from a place of fun exploration, curiosity and adventure! Also - experimenting and playing with toys together can create a more secure and open environment.


To take it a step further.. Lets bust some of those ideas and conceptions we often attach to the world of pleasure products.



Myth: If my partner is masturbating (with or without sex toys) this means they don’t enjoy sex with me

Truth: Your partner’s solo sex habits have nothing do to with how they feel about their partnered sex with you. Masturbation is a personal self exploitative journey. It’s an amazing way to learn about your body and what feels good for you sexually!


Myth: Using a vibrator too much will lead to permanent desensitization of your genitals

Truth: No sex toy (even vibrators) can permanently damage or effect the sensitization of your genitals. What can happen is your body can form habits. If you frequently orgasm the same way (lying in a certain position, using visual stimulation, using a vibrator on your clitoris) your body gets used to this routine and it can be difficult to have an orgasm if you break that routine. The easiest way to remedy this is variety! Switch it up often so your body doesn’t fall into habits!


Myth: My partner will end up enjoying their toy more than they enjoy my body

Truth: Toys only enhance sexual experiences, they cannot replace people!


If we look at toys for what they are (objectively) we can see that they only exist to aid and enhance our sexual experiences. Let’s detach all of these unnecessary stigmas and start prioritizing our pleasure!


By Jacee Niblett

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