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Sportsheets Saffron Acrylic Paddle

Sportsheets Saffron Acrylic Paddle

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Can you make your desires any clearer? We can! The Saffron Acrylic Paddle’s strong 4mm-thick impact surface delivers an intense sting and a slapping sound like no other. Formed in clear acrylic for a unique visual experience, players wielding this paddle can see the moment its surface meets and marks the skin.

Anticipation builds as you hear your partner’s test swings whistle through the air and strike their palm. Then it’s your turn...they swing and connect sending waves of pain and pleasure with the satisfying crack.

A nylon loop at the base of the smooth PVC handle makes this paddle easy to store on a wall or pegboard when you’re finished playing (or just warming up). Mix and match with other Saffron collection products for even more forbidden fun!

Product Dimensions:

  • 12” Clear Acrylic Paddle
  • Thickness/Guage: 4mm
  • PVC Handle Length: 5"(cm)
  • Wrist Cord Length: 7” (cm)

In the Box:
  • 12” Clear Acrylic Paddle 4mm thick/gauge
  • 5" smooth PVC handle and 7” nylon cord wrist loop
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