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Shots Sexmachine Ride And Slide

Shots Sexmachine Ride And Slide

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Are you ready for the ride of your life with this Sexy yet Sophisticated Sex Machine! Then look no further and prepare yourself for the most arousing and stimulating experience of your life. This exhilarating apparatus has thick padded thigh rests and a very sturdy base that guarantee comfort and safety.

Slide yourself onto the dildo and power it up with your thrusts, this love chair is guaranteed to bring you to epic climaxes. Take total control when it comes to vigor, thrusting speed and depth of penetration! Or you can let your partner be in control and let him/her decide your fate. This lean, mean, Sex Machine will revolutionise your solo experiences, blending fantasy with functionality!

The included realistic dildo with balls fits perfectly on the base of the machine. It measures a very satisfying 16.5cm (6.5") with a fulfilling girth of 4.2cm (1.65").

This beautifully crafted Sex Machine has a total length of 50cm (19.7") and a width of 35cm (13.8"). The maximum height is 46cm (18.2") including the handle.

  • Dimensions package: 25" x 15.94" x 18.9"
  • Weight package: 881.85 oz
  • Product dimensions: 18.11" x 19.69" x 13.78"
  • Product weight: 398.6 oz
  • Product diameter: 1.65"
  • Materials: Iron, Leather; Dildo: TPE
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