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Punchkins Stoner Chick Chicken Plushie

Punchkins Stoner Chick Chicken Plushie

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This cool chick is ready to be your best smoking buddy! Her weighted bottom and dangling legs make sure she stays upright the whole sesh, while her embroidered details will be giving you the giggles long after the high’s worn off.

Measures Approximately : 6in X 6in. X 8in.

Weighs about 6.6 ounces.

  • An ultra-soft, free-standing plush with an embroidered funny pun-chline!
  • Just the right amount of attitude.
  • Makes a great gift, collectible, or decoration.
  • Premium plush feels smooth to the touch.
  • Weighted bottoms allow Punchkins to sit upright.
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