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Boundless™ Vulva - Ivory

Boundless™ Vulva - Ivory

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The Boundless™ Vulva is one of the hottest adult toys on the market right now. A fully-contained replica vulva is waiting for you inside an easy-to-grip stroker with a closed-end for superior suction.

A waterproof design allows for easy cleaning and use anywhere you desire to engage in some of the most erotic thrills you’ll ever experience. For solo use or use by a partner, the lifelike simulation gives you the feelings you have been looking for.

Made with life-like Pure Skin® material, the Boundless™ Vulva is soft, tight, and stretchy with a multi-textured chamber for endless satisfaction.

Get deep in this 5.5 inch masturbator, allowing full range of motion and the authentic feeling of whatever your wildest fantasies desire.

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