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I love a good rabbit toy, because who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? Toys designed for dual stimulation have two different functions that are used at the same time. You get internal stimulation from one end, and clitoral stimulation from the other.

Dual stimulation is, for a lot of people with vulvas, an extremely reliable method of reaching orgasm. But despite the popularity of the rabbit vibrator, not all dual stimulation toys are created equally.

The biggest issue I see with the design of these toys is a lack of consideration for the diversity of anatomy. The shape of a toy doesn’t always allow for consistent stimulation for all bodies. But the good news is in recent years these toys have evolved rapidly to compensate for this diversity!

So if you’re in the market for a toy that hits all the spots, keep reading for some of my faves.

Calexotics Rocking "G" Rabbit

If your sweet spot involves the G spot, this is a great option for you! Rather than internal vibration, this toy pairs external vibration with a tip that gives you a rocking motion positioned to stimulate the G spot internally - all at the same time! The clitoral stimulation isn’t run of the mill either, because it has the popular “rabbit ears” shape, which gives you a bit more of a pinpointed stimulation. You also have the option to position the head of the clitoris right between the “ears” to give you a unique kind of sensation! Beyond the creative shape of this toy, it’s a luxurious option given its silky smooth silicone, strong rechargeable motor, and waterproof finish!

Shop the Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Rocking "G" Rabbit
whole view of the voodoo beso plus air pulse suction vibrator purple

Voodoo Beso Plus

Are you a fan of air suction toys? If so, this might be the pick for you. This dual stim toy pairs clitoral air suction with textured internal vibration, giving you a perfect combo of stimulation! Its unique shape offers accommodation for a wider range of vulva and vaginal anatomy, making it a bit easier to manipulate and move around to fit your needs. Plus, it’s made of waterproof, body safe silicone. You also get 10 different speeds and patterns of vibration to play with. Pick this one up if you wanna experiment with new kinds of fun!

Shop the Voodoo Beso Plus Air Pulse Suction Vibrator

Pair Two Toys

Finally, one of my favorite things to recommend to customers looking for a dual stimulation option is using two toys at once! There are some cons to this method, like the fact that you have to use both hands, and independently manipulate two different toys. It’s not always the most accessible option, but if it works for you it can give you a very precise experience allowing you to get exactly what you want in the moment. It helps if you have a clitoral vibrator that can lay still on your vulva, without needing to be moved much. From there you can use any internal vibe or dildo that you fancy! Longer handled toys can be helpful for this method, like this double ended glass dildo. Try this out if you know what you want and how.

Shop the Glas Double Trouble Purple Dildo

You deserve the best of both worlds! If you enjoy the sensations of dual stimulation, try a two-in-one toy for your next purchase. Stop in to any of our locations, or check out our online inventory.

We can’t wait to have you!

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