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I proudly consider myself a sex toy connoisseur. Partly because of my personal experience in trying MANY different kinds myself, but mostly because of my experience working in Excitement adult stores. Our staff gets so much in-depth training on the products we sell, and the team I work with is excellent. They are highly educated, informed, and skilled in the adult product industry.

To put it simply, we take our jobs very seriously.

So having been immersed in that world fully and with so much passion, I know a thing or two about sex toys. How they all work, the best materials and practices, safe application (where to put what and when), all of the ins and outs of the sex toy world.

As someone with all of this insider knowledge, I get asked quite often some variation of the question, “which one would you choose?”

I’d love to answer that question today, and give you an inside look into how a sex toy connoisseur like myself chooses her sex toys.

Materials, first and foremost

If I’m being honest, one of the very first factors I consider when choosing a new sex toy is the material that it’s made out of. I personally won’t use anything porous, so I first make sure that it’s made out of something like silicone or glass. This is mostly for safety, but also sensation (if you prefer a more jelly-like material, you can avoid any bacteria harboring by putting a condom over the toy before use). Different materials feel different in and around your body - so I might choose a glass toy for internal use, and silicone for external purposes. But either way, I’m breezing right past any transparent, jelly-like materials and going straight to the body-safe products.

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Sensations, the stuff of life

The next factor I consider, as it’s of equal importance, is the sensations that I’m hoping to experience with my new tool. Do I want a G-spot experience, clitoris-only, internal and external stimulation at the same time? I’ll usually choose the shape of the toy based on where I want it to go. I’ll need something curved for G-spot, wide and easy to hold for the clitoris, and something shaped properly for dual stimulation. I’ll also consider the motor in the toy. I always prefer a deep rumbly vibration, and it definitely needs to be strong. For me, it gets bonus points if it’s got a dynamic motor that starts really low and can ramp up really high! Speaking of features…

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Batteries, features, etc

I also consider the mechanics of the toy for efficiency and longevity. As someone who has tried a lot of different sex toys, I know that in general, higher quality pays off in the long run. I’ll usually prefer a rechargeable battery (although, there are some battery operated toys I’ll never stop recommending), and I’ll also consider the overall battery life of the toy. I like to have options for settings, but I’m also like most people and don’t need a bunch of unnecessary vibration patterns. I love reaching for the toys that have a remote control, or even better, app capabilities! Once I determine what features and extras I like, there’s really only one factor left.

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Where do I want my money to go?

The last thing on my checklist for choosing a new toy is where I’m spending my money. Nowadays, you can find sex toys on Amazon, or even at Walmart or Target. But I often find that these toys are “knock off” versions of brand name products, and I know that I can’t always trust their authenticity. Plus, shopping locally or considering more ethical shopping options is always a better choice for me. That’s why local adult stores, queer-owned companies, and small businesses will usually get my money when it comes to a new toy for myself.

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Phew! That’s a lot to think about when picking out a new vibe, but it’s the honest truth! There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a sex toy for yourself, and in order to make the right decision and investment for YOU, it’s important to consider your unique needs.

So, I hope this gave you a little to think about and when you’re ready to pick out a new toy, stop in to any of our locations, or check out our extensive online inventory. If you get the chance, be sure to check in with our incredible staff. They are truly a trove of knowledge and are happy to assist you in your shopping experience.

Stay safe, and have fun!

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