Excitement Brand Toys

Excitement Brand Toys

Did you know that Excitement carries a whole line of private label toys? That’s right - we have our own brand! From us you get affordable prices without skimping on the quality. We have a large selection of different products, for different anatomy and for different needs! Check out the options we currently have:

E-Z Pump

This Excitement branded penis pump is perfect if you wanna add a little size! Pumps can increase blood flow to the penis, giving you a stronger and longer erection. This one even comes with an added cock ring that you can wear to keep your erection where you want it.

Couples Ring

Wanna add some vibration to your partnered sex? This vibrating cock ring is the perfect addition. The first benefit of this toy is for the penis-owner - wearing a “tight” ring keeps all the blood in the erection. But this toy also vibrates, giving the receiver a nice addition of pleasure. It’s a great shape to accommodate different body types, and it’s rechargeable!

Massager Kit

This mini wand vibrator is all about a variety of sensations. Designed for use on the clitoris, it comes with three different attachment heads that each offer a different feeling on your body. Whether you like the bunny ears, the bumps, or the tongue - you can try them all out with 3 different vibration speeds.

Silver Bullet

We had to include the classic in our private label, and that’s why we also carry a silver bullet. Bullets are versatile - you can use them in any way your creative imagination comes up with! Slip them into a harness, use it in between bodies during penetration, or explore all the areas of your body and maybe discover pleasure you didn’t know was there!


For penis owners who prefer penetration, a cyberskin stroker is a perfect option to amp up your self love routine. This “nice ‘n tight” stroker is made from soft, silk like material that feels like heaven. It also provides a nice suction grip that you can control with your hand.

Kiss Vibe

This multifunction vibe is perfect if you want the best of both worlds. It’s designed to be used internally but also features an extension designed to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. With two motors, you get double the stimulation. It’s also rechargeable and waterproof, making it an easy choice for whatever the use!

What makes these toys even better is the sale we are currently running on them for the month of April. They already come at affordable prices, and right now you can get them BOGO 50% off! Don’t miss out on these deals, stop in to any of our locations and grab a new toy today.

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