• by Jacee Niblett - April 5, 2023

For some of us, anal play doesn’t come completely natural. Like any other type of sex - it can take some preparation and practice to really get down how you want to. You’ll need to spend some time trying out different lubes and positions. And you’ll probably want to start off with something smaller before graduating to larger things.

But if you’ve done all the research, and have all the experience - the toys you want might look a little different than a beginner.

Are you ready to move up in the butt world? Try something new, exciting, and push your limits (comfortably) a little?

Then keep reading for my top anal toy suggestions for experienced players!

But keep in mind that there is no hierarchy or final boss that you have to beat when it comes to butt play. Everyone is different and unique in their experiences and that’s okay! The point is to find something that works the absolute best for you.

Satisfyer Vibrating Anal Plug

This gorgeous plug by Satisfyer is a great option if you want to move up to something a bit bigger and enjoy some new sensations in this realm. It’s made from high quality silicone and has a bunch of cool features! First of all, it vibrates which adds to the overall sensation of the experience. But even cooler is that you can control that vibration with your phone! That’s right, this one is app controlled giving you a new level of play and experimentation.

Shop the Satisfyer Plug-ilicious

Weighted and Inflatable

A great way to gently play on the edge of your limits is to try an inflatable toy that can actually expand inside you. Just squeeze the bulb to add some size and enjoy! But don’t worry, because once you're done you can just press the release button to return the toy to its original size. This toy is also weighted adding an extra boost of pleasure. This can be a great way to explore your comfort level and anal play experience.

Shop the CalExotics Weighted Inflatable Plug

Plump Plug

Maybe you just want to try a plug on the plumper side, for a fuller experience? Try this Calexotics silicone plump plug! Simple in its design, but forthcoming with it’s size - it’s the perfect toy to try if you’re ready to size up from your current plug. It has a beautiful shape that makes insertion easy and gives you an extended feeling of fullness. Try it out, and don’t forget lube!

Shop the CalExotics Silicone Plump Plug

No matter how much experience with anal play that you’ve had - it’s important for all of us to remember to start slow, use lots of lube, and practice safe sex principles!

So stop in to any of our locations, or check out our online inventory for all of your anal toy needs.

Be safe, and have fun!

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