• by Jacee Niblett - April 19, 2023

If you haven’t already noticed - quality is important to us when it comes to our pleasure product inventory. We keep it in mind when deciding which toys to carry. We also prefer to have a wide range of price points, styles and categories so that no matter what you need or who you are, you will be able to find something that works for you when shopping with us.

So it only makes sense that we carry a lot of toys from Calexotics! This company is one of a kind in that it has a huge selection of options from kink to couples toys to the new and hot clit suction toys. They have high end luxury items as well as affordable options made with 100% safe materials. 

We love carrying these toys and giving all the options to our customers.

It would be impossible to list ALL of my faves - but check out this diverse list of 4 of them 🙂

Vibrating Cock Ring

I just adore this couples toy that Calexotics calls the “Passion Enhancer!”

This vibrating cock ring is made to be worn on the penis during vaginal penetration. The ring part of the toy provides all the benefits of a normal cock ring (longer, stronger erections) with the added benefit of vibration. And the flat, slightly curved design is ideal for hitting the clitoris during this type of sex.

It has a decent motor, it’s made from silicone, and it’s a super affordable price point!

If you’re in the market for this type of toy but don’t want to break the bank - this is a great option for you.

Shop the Silicone Rechargeable Passion Enhancer

Jack Rabbit Signature Line Vibrator

Rabbit toys have a bit of a cult following - and for good reason! It makes sense because lots of vulva owners prefer dual stimulation (meaning simultaneous stimulation of both their vagina and vulva/clitoris). But Calexotics brings a modern twist to the classic design with their Jack Rabbit.

Made from silicone, this rechargeable toy feels silky smooth and features loads of different speeds and patterns. Plus, it’s specially designed to stimulate the G spot with it’s curved tip that actually mechanically “rocks” back and forth.

It’s one of those toys that truly does it all!

Shop the Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Rocking "G" Rabbit

Satin Ties Wrist Cuffs

Want to get just a little kinky? Calexotics offers something for that too! These satin wrist cuffs give you an adventurous feel while maintaining soft and comfy. They are fully adjustable velcro, with a beautiful ribbon detail.

Consensually removing mobility during sex can heighten your sensations so much. Plus this type of play offers a fun power dynamic if that’s something you’re into!

These cuffs are a perfect way to dip your toes into the world of kink without going all out on a bunch of restraints.

Shop the Tantric Satin Ties Wrist Cuffs

Penis Pump

This penis pump from Calexotics is a technologically advanced version of classic pump models. Rather than the squeeze method, this Optimum Series Auto Pump does all the work automatically.

It has easy-touch controls, a safety release valve, and a comfortable insert - all for really great ease of use!

If you’re a dedicated pump user, for whatever desired outcome, this smart pump is a perfect way to up your game and upgrade your tools!

Shop the Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Pump

We are committed to carrying a diverse range of toys to meet a wide variety of needs. So, what’s stopping you from finding your long lost lover in a new pleasure product? Check out our expansive inventory online or in-store and go home with a new toy because, well, you deserve it. Happy shopping!

Be safe and have fun!

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