4 of Our Favorite Non Silicone Toys

4 of Our Favorite Non Silicone Toys

These days, when you walk into any adult store it can seem like a sea of rubber at first glance. Bright colors, and soft silicone covers the walls - and there’s a reason for this. It’s important to pay attention to the material of your sex toys. After all, they will be going inside or around your most sensitive bits! Silicone is a popular option because it’s affordable and safe. It’s non-porous, soft and smooth.

But there are other non-pourous, safe materials for sex toys that you may not have considered before, such as glass and steel. They are a little less common, and definitely feel different from silicone - but if you’re looking to try a new sensation, new positions, new fun… a new sex toy material might be the answer!

Keep reading for 4 of my favorite non-silicone options for toys.

10” Double by glas

This double ended glass dildo is a favorite of mine, mostly because there are so just many possibilities! It’s got wonderful little bumps on one end, and striped ridges on the other - both with a nice bulbous tip on the ends. It’s long so if you have difficulty reaching your genitals on your own, this is a great option. And with any glass toy, you can warm it up or cool it down for some temperature play!

LeWand Hoop

This steel toy from LeWand is very similar to the infamous njoy wand. It’s shaped like a hook, and it is arguably the best toy on the market for g-spot stimulation. The curve and weight of the toy lets it hook and rub the g-spot beautifully and easily. If you like pressure there, this is definitely the toy for you.

5” Rosebud by glas

Look how pretty she is! This 5” glass butt plug is a beautiful option if you wanna look and feel beautiful. I really enjoy butt plugs that are glass, because I find they slide and glide a lot easier than silicone options, which is a huge factor when it comes to anal penetration. There’s not as much of a tug, and with lube it is a lovely option. Not to mention the beautiful color and pretty little rose on the end!

LeWand Arch

Another great option for G-spot stimulation is the Arch by LeWand. It’s got similar features to the Hoop (i.e: curve, hooked, and heavy) but the tip is larger - so if you want to cover a bit more surface area This is the perfect option for you. It’s also a bit shorter so if you prefer more of a shallow penetration, this would also be lovely for that.

Intrigued? Want to try something new? Stop in to any of our locations to check out our inventory. Ask one of our associates for any assistance, and you can even ask to see something outside of the box before buying - that way you get a sense of how the material will feel when you use it. 

Glass and steel are wonderful options, and you might be surprised at how much you like them!

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