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August is Anal Pleasure Month, and at Excitement we are going all out to celebrate (read until the end to find out how!)

Despite the rampant stigma, misconceptions, and somewhat taboo nature of anal sex, you and I both know that it is a completely natural and enjoyable way to experience sexual pleasure. The amazing thing about anal pleasure is that anyone can enjoy it if they want to, no matter your gender, sexual orientation or identity.

But due to the aforementioned stigma and misconceptions, there’s not a lot of education surrounding this type of sexual play.

So in honor of recognizing Anal August, keep reading for my top tips for enjoying butt stuff!

Nice, easy, and slow

Feeling fully relaxed and aroused is vitally important for any kind of penetrative sex, anal or not. But it’s especially important for anal sex, and even more so if you’re just starting to explore this avenue of pleasure. The more tense and nervous we feel, the more tense all of our muscles will be, which can cause pain. For anal penetration, it’s important to start small to get your body acclimated to the sensation, and take a lot of time to relax and turn up the heat before even attempting penetration. While it’s normal to feel a little nervous/excited to try something new, you should never feel pressured or scared to try anal penetration. Start exploring with things like fingers or small butt plugs before attempting anything that’s a bit more intimidating.

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Do not skimp on lube

I’m always ranting about the importance of using lube during all kinds of sex, but trust me when I say that in this case, lube is mandatory. While the vagina can lubricate itself for the most part, the anal canal does not. This means that if you want anything to go in there with any kind of “smoothness”, you have to add lube to the equation. I always recommend a thick water based lube like Sassy by Sliquid, but you might also consider a silicone based lubricant that will stay put and not dry out. Experiment with a few different kinds until you find one you love, but use it every time and use a lot!

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Receiver has control

Fun power dynamics aside, it can often feel safer and more comfortable for the receiver of anal penetration to have control over the position, depth, and speed. Especially if it’s your anal sex debut, making sure you as the receiver have control over these elements of the fun can help ensure comfort and pleasure for both partners. Have a bunch of conversations beforehand about what you’re nervous about, how you expect it to go, and what you’re looking forward to. This can not only make the entire experience more enjoyable, but it can also foster deeper trust and intimacy between sexual partners!

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Now that you’re fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to enjoy your butt, why not get some fun toys to assist in your endeavors? To celebrate Anal August, Excitement is running a sale on all of our anal toys and their accessories. It’s the perfect time to make that new purchase and join us in celebrating the beauty that is anal pleasure!

Check out our homepage for details, and don’t forget to be safe and have fun!

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