3 Reasons to Add Sex Toys to Partnered Sex in the New Year

3 Reasons to Add Sex Toys to Partnered Sex in the New Year

Are you feeling that fresh energy of the upcoming new year this week? 

If you’re type A like me, you’re probably reflecting on the past year, attempting to get clear on your goals and visions for 2022, reorienting your calendar, and making endless lists. This time of year is when all the gyms have membership sales, people are signing up for meal delivery services, or committing to various 30 day wellness programs. 

It’s “new year, new me” - right?

During this time of new year resolutions we tend to prioritize things like physical health, daily habits or career oriented goals. But balance is important, and I think balancing some of these new years resolutions with goals that prioritize your mental wellness is so important. 

This is where the sex toys come in. Because pleasure is a huge component of sexual wellness. It’s a pillar and foundational to enjoying yourself as a sexual being. 

Sex toys can be tremendously helpful on this front.

So here I’m proposing a prioritization of pleasure in 2022 - and one way to do that is by adding toys to your partnered sex. 

Here are 3 reasons why, in 2022 you should start incorporating sex toys into your partnered sex experiences.


One of the best ways to up your pleasure game is by finding different ways your body likes to be aroused. If you find yourself in a sexual rut, whether that be with a partner or solo, it’s always helpful to switch things up. Exploring your body’s capacity for pleasure not only brings more pleasure to your body but it can also help you feel more connected and seen in the moment. Incorporating sex toys can introduce a huge variety of sensations. 

Butt plugs can activate your pelvic floor muscles, making you feel more full and giving your muscles something to hold on to. Air pulsation on the clitoris feels like a gentle stroking, and is a much different experience than using a vibrator. Vibrating cockrings are designed to stimulate the clitoris during penetration, but can simultaneously stimulate the penis! All of these options can be incorporated into partnered sex.


One of the biggest reasons I suggest using sex toys is they typically increase one’s access to orgasm. Many people with vulvas find that orgasm comes much easier when they’re using a vibrator. 

Most vulva owners do not experience orgasm from penetration alone, and clitoral stimulation is usually the key. To increase the likelihood of an orgasm happening during partnered sex, try adding a sex toy!

This isn’t to say that an orgasm is the end all be all of partnered sex, or that the first sex toy you try is sure to give you a mind blowing O. But in general, sex toys are going to increase your access to this type of pleasure - and trying out a few is all the more fun!


The final reason I think YOU should add sex toys to your partnered sex this year, is because the exploration of bodies with a partner is a beautiful way to connect with each other. Trying out new things, putting PLAY back into your sexual experiences, and finding that yum feeling with each other can make you feel so close and intimate on more than just a physical level.

Have your partner hold the vibrator for you, try different massage techniques, and encourage each other to find new ways you can connect and love on one another in the bedroom. It can make a huge difference.

This year, add pleasure and connection to your new year resolutions and start prioritizing your sexual wellness. If this resonates with you, stop in to any of our locations and check out our inventory. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable - ready to answer any of your questions (no matter how embarrassing you think they are). We are here to promote pleasure!

Happy New Year!

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