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Lover's Super Strap - Lover's Ribbons

Lover's Super Strap - Lover's Ribbons

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Imagine your lover bound to the bed, naked, and yearning for your touch. Relinquish control or relish the feeling of total control over your partner’s pleasure with the Lover’s Super Strap Lover’s Ribbon. This soft, pliable, and stretchy vinyl ribbon is perfect for beginner and advanced sensual adventures.

The Lover’s Ribbon is perfect for all types of play, whether you’re feeling naughty or nice…indulge in erotic massage across all of your most sensitive spots as you squirm with desire. Or pull against your restraints as you feel the firm touch of punishment against your skin. Embrace every sensation your lover imparts upon you as you lay in wait for an explosive release.

The ribbon comes with sixty feet of strong, reusable, self-adhering sexy ribbon to restrain your lover with or to bind you with the bliss of relinquished control. Dominants and submissives alike will love the endless array of tie possibilities, the firm but stretchy grip on the submissive’s limbs, and the gorgeous image of the submissive tied in wait for the dominant’s embrace.

SKU: SE-2666-03-3
Materials: PVC Plastic
Features: Phthalate Free
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Length: Under 4"
Width: Between 1" and 2"
Dimensions: 60" x 1.75" / 152cm x 4cm (Ribbon)
Weight: Bulk:4.4(oz) / 0.12(kg) | Package:0.5(oz) / 0.01(kg)
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