• by Jacee Niblett - March 9 2023

If you’ve read any of my other articles you should know by now that sex toys are enhancements to your sex life. Although there are a lot of common misconceptions about the use of sex toys (i.e - you’ll go numb, your partner is being replaced, etc) the truth is, they are tools we use to get the job done.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with using sex toys, and in fact they often lead to a more satisfying sexual experience for a lot of people. 

There’s also no one way to use them - there’s so much variety in the products offered and even more ways to get creative with each of them. It’s a large, sexy and beautiful spectrum.

And people use sex toys for a lot of different reasons. None of which deserve any judgment. So keep reading to learn about 4 different ways sex toys can be used in your sex life!

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Access Your Own Pleasure

For some people, especially those with vulvas, orgasm doesn’t always come easily. Whether it’s due to lack of education, our cisheteronormative culture, or the pervasive shame toward female sexuality perpetuated by the media - some people have a difficult time accessing the pleasure of orgasm in their bodies.

And to be honest, the underlying reason doesn’t really matter, because let’s face it - it’s probably a combination. 

What does matter though, is taking ownership and responsibility for your pleasure. Orgasm isn’t always the goal, but if it’s something you want to experience - sex toys (namely, vibrators) can be an amazing tool to help with that. They often make orgasm easier, giving you greater access to the pleasure in your body!

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Increase Pleasure with a Partner

Sex toys can also make partnered sex more pleasurable. By adding these tools to your experiences, you can add so much more pleasure for all parties involved. And slipping a toy in between two bodies just keeps getting easier with all of the new developments in the pleasure product industry!

There are options for wearable toys, strap-on harnesses, hands-free toys, and more.

Whether you’re putting a cockring on for a stronger erection, using a C-shaped penetration friendly vibrator, or just holding a bullet on the clitoris - toys can elevate your partnered sexual experiences so much!

And there are so many different ways to get creative and playful, which brings me to my next point.

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Variety is Sexy

If you’re ever struggling with your sexual desire - such as having a libido that you wish was higher - switching things up can be a huge remedy.

At the root of so many things that we find sexy as human beings is one thing - novelty.

Humans find novelty incredibly sexy and monotony is a huge mood killer!

Switching things up, trying new things even if they don’t work out, and adding new, exciting elements to your sexual experiences are all ways to add novelty and variety to your sex life.

It’s why sometimes just making the trip to the adult store with your partner is enough to get the juices flowing! Looking at all of the different options, being in a public space and thinking/talking about sex, or looking at the demos can sometimes really turn up the heat later.

Sex toys can help you break out of a routine!

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Just Purely Feeling GOOD

And finally…

People use sex toys just to feel really good in their bodies.

And to me, that is a valid reason if I’ve ever heard one.

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No matter the reason you use sex toys, or the reason you might decide to start - make sure you rid yourself of any shame you might’ve picked up along the way. You are deserving of ecstatic and pleasurable experiences and seeking them out should be celebrated - so go you!

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