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Optimum Series Top Gauge Pump

Optimum Series Top Gauge Pump

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CalExotics takes penis pump technology to a professional level with the Top Gauge Professional Pressurized Pump. This high-quality penis pump features industrial-grade materials and single-handed trigger style operation to make your pumping routine easy and insanely effective.

This penis pump measures in at seven inches long and 2 inches wide, giving your manhood plenty of room to expand over time. The cylinder is totally seamless for ultimate comfort, and the smoky translucent material gives you a front row seat to your personal penis expansion show.

The cylinder features a flanged base for maximum comfort, stimulation, and powerful sucking action. The removable latex sleeve hugs your cock to keep it cushioned while you pump. It’s soft, stretchy, and comfortable to keep you relaxed and wonderfully stimulated.

This advanced personal pump offers an industrial grade flexible hose for total maneuverability in any pumping position. The powerful pistol grip pump has comfortable grips for easy pressurizing and releasing. When you’re done pumping for the day, a quick release valve removes the suction from your penis immediately. An industrial grade PSI pressure gauge lets you track just how much pressure you’re applying to your penis.

Enjoy firmer erections and incredible expansion potential with masculine industrial grade pump!

SKU: SE-1039-00-2
Materials: Latex, ABS Plastic
Features: Phthalate Free
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Length: Over 6"
Width: Between 1" and 2"
Dimensions: 7" x 2" / 17.7cm x 5cm (Pump)
Weight: Bulk:12.1(oz) / 0.34(kg) | Package:20.7(oz) / 0.59(kg)
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