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Entice Crop

Entice Crop

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Our Entice Crop is a beautifully stylish, sturdy hand-stitched riding crop with designer accents. For the best in soft bondage role play, this crop is the perfect accessory. As beautifully built as it is safe, it is constructed of non-tarnishing, nickel-free alloy hardware and a pure phthalate-free PVC tip.

Explore dominant and submissive roles in style - no matter what “crops up.” Indulge your wildest whims and gratify your deepest fantasies. Experience luxurious soft bondage pleasure, providing comfortable sensation. Beautifully crafted, this crop will lead you and your lover into an exciting sensual experience. Paddle gently, slap lightly, ride as hard as you like. This stylish crop is all about sensation and satiation. Take on a new bedroom adventure with this durable and delightful crop.

Your partner will be compelled to follow your commands after a gentle spanking.

SKU: SE-2720-55-3
Materials: PVC Plastic
Features: Phthalate Free
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Length: Under 4"
Width: Between 1" and 2"
Dimensions: 16" / 40.6cm x 0cm (Crop)
Weight: Bulk:2.3(oz) / 0.07(kg) | Package:2.7(oz) / 0.08(kg)
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